1. I don’t know if this applies to every situation but when I get when my blood tests done they aren’t looking for nic so if your just getting a blood test about something else but your worried about them finding nic don’t worry cause they ain’t trying to find that

  2. I need some help guys so someone please respond, so i have a novo which is a vape and i have nic juice and ive looked on the internet before and it says since its not nicotine from a cigarette its different and it wont show up on tests cause technically its not nicotine its ‘nicotonine’ (i think thats what its called) which is a different type of nic. Will that show up in a test? Most likely an over the counter test, someone help please respond !!

  3. Some say they can test it using your hair, which stays in your hair for up to a year, should i be cut bald or put a shit ton of layers of gel?

  4. Thanks so much I’m geting surgery done and I have to stop and I have the gum they can also ask they doctor for the gum if you don’t wanna pay full price for the gum what I did

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