How I Stay In Shape When Off The Trail – Backpacking Off Season

Thanks for watching the video guys! This is a quick video on how i stay in shape when off the trail. Also some quick tips training and staying in shape during the …


  1. I'm all about the biking lately! Ditched the car for the cardio! To train for hill climbs (my strength) I highly recommend just running some stairs for about an hour a day. You can probably do it without leaving your home. To train for distance walks, do distance walks. Lol 😁

  2. Great vid doing this prob would have helped with our last trip videos where we did 30 miles at Shawnee State Forest .would have def improved our recovery time.keep the videos coming we will keep watching

  3. A lot of good points and tips here. I started backpacking/hiking last year without training and got quick, harsh lessons on knee pain, the IT band, how the muscles and tendons interact, etc. Thanks, Bryce!

  4. I dabbled a little in running last year. My first race was in November and it was a 10k. Developed shin splints in late summer so after the 10K i took it easy for a month…using ice and stretching lots. Tried my first 5k right before Christmas. The shin splints returned. So, I have only been out running twice since then, keeping otherwise to backpacking. BUT….I so badly want to start running again….l follow you and your wife on instagram (postrunbananas) and the Sunday runs inspire me to want to get going. But, I am a little afraid the pain will return….any advice?

  5. Great thoughts for hikers Bryce. It makes your backcountry experience so much better when you're not in pain every minute! Running is great, and I feel fortunate to still be able to run, but as we get older running can take it's toll on our hips, knees, and ankles. We also start to lose full body muscle tone and need workouts that, along with cardio, help balance and flexibility. The workouts need to be more consistent too – it's infinitely harder to 'get back into shape' when you're 60 then when you're 30.

  6. I can't keep running. I go strong for a week then I quit. Backpacking I feel I don't need to be in shape. It's more of a head game, just keep walking. I'm waiting for the day I twist my ankle in the middle of no where and die lol…

  7. And then there is a second half of my training as I am down in Rocky River or at the Cuyahoga national valley Park on the off trails that I take there are so many hills that I do that I actually have to have the bike on my shoulders and climb up the hills

  8. For me keeping in shape for my hikes is my mountain biking from back and forth to work two small trips and semi longer trips Prince's going to Sheffield lake from Cleveland Ohio it takes me roughly 45 minutes to get there which is 28 MI one way on the way back however because I have a massive amount of headwind it slows me down extremely down to three and a half hours just to get home

  9. I respect runner. I look like a runner but I definitely am not one. I perfer swimming and biking. Little less high impact for me with crappy joints. Whatever gets you out there and feeling good is most important👍. Good video.

  10. After 45 years of running, for me it is still the most fun outdoor activity and never boring. That said, at age 64 i am going to jump into the unkown world of backpacking. I ordered a running backpack, Joey from palante and i am looking at tents. As a owner of a light heart tent, do you have any knowlidge about the firefly tent by light heart?

  11. Had to stop running years ago because of the pounding on the knees. Now hiking is supplemented with stair-step with weights, squats, lunchtime walks and treadmill work for intervals to push the cardio.

  12. Excellent video Bryce! I have a similar video scheduled later this month with Karate Josh. Different strokes for different folks….interesting how different our workouts are BUT you've got it right about getting active.

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