Do NOT Try The 'Condom-Snorting Challenge'

If you needed an expert opinion, doctors say this is bad. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section …


  1. I saw a comment and it said:

    ”These people are fun just let them have fun”
    So I replied:

    Have fun being in the ambulance.
    and they said:

    ”RUDE! You didn’t say friend.”

  2. ice bucket was a game not a challenge

    challenges must put your life in danger that is why the cinnamon challenge the first challenge called itself that they knew you could die from it

  3. challenges are supposed to put your life in danger you shouldn't do any challenges

    when people call game like the smoothy game is a challenge that is click bait and it doesn't put your life in danger and it's labeled wrong

    thx for this ha bisky vid some people can do this for the same reason people can do this with things that aren't condoms but don't try this with anything

  4. Have you heard of the mercury thermometer challenge? You break open as many mercury thermometers you can find into a cup made of lead, then you try to snort the mercury through a straw made of copper coated in cyanide powder

  5. These millennials for the most part (specially girls) put to shame previous teens from past generations; don´t know how to endure hard times, have moral fiber, toil with their own hands, research for accurate info, even if their life depends on it, abstain from unrestrained hedonism, they are weak as weak can be and they are not prepared for almost anything.

    The boys are dumb, pathetics, efeminate, allways making excuses and not training to strenghten their own character and learn new crafts of substance, don´t know how to stand, in essence how to be a man, really. Not to be counfounded to a "macho".

    The girls put to shame previous generations of hookers, that had more dececy than them, don´t know how to cook, be real mothers, have moral strenght, learn new useful crafts, they are selfish little princesses whose labia has been assaulted by the whole army. They bring no value to the table and are for sure slaves of their iphones, androids or social media, really social network zombies.

    It´s very sad.

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