1. I love you! Yass! Pubmed is your friend. Go look "it" up on a site that gives you actual peer reviewed journal articles. I have to say I don't always understand everything they're saying , but the : we studied this; expecting that result; and confirmed our hypothesis X number of times, ….. Is very compelling. Sidenote; the more peer reviewed studies you find on something (from relevant, current sources) the more informed your choices. It also makes sense to read them and have good questions to ask your own doc about. Good job!

  2. Hey can you please do a video about you opinion on essential oils and facts about them

    It is driving me crazy my mum thinks they are a miracle thing and no need for doctor but I think it is all stupid please

  3. DeTox tea: sells product that doesn't work as stated… at an outrageously high cost

    Hospitals: sells products you didn't know you were buying…. at an outrageously high price… without giving you an invoice until bill collection time


  4. hey Dr Mike, I've got a question. Is it true that women don't have a fertil age that last only to their late thirties as a general rule, and this was invented by companies like the ones who freeze eggs to make money off of the concerns of women who are getting old and don't have kids yet? I hope this makes sense, English is not my first language. My apologies if I did a grammatical mistake. 🙂

  5. I have my own story to share about supplements. About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I welcomed the pharmaceutical my doctor gave me (Glyburide/Metformin) but I also thought maybe a couple suppliments could help too, so I hopped online and did some research to see which supplements might be good and I found a few that several sources suggested could help with sugar metabolism. I decided on three: Cinnamon pills and two others (the names of which escape me now but they are widely available, bought mine at Walmart). I went home and decided not to introduce all three at one time, so I started with the Cinnamon pills then a few days later added one of the other suppliments and a few days after that added the third. The third is when the problem happened. I took it and about two hours later I had a pounding headache, my heart was racing, I was sweating bullets and felt nauseous. I didn't connect the third supplement at first, thinking it was just a fluke. I took it the following day and the same exact thing happened, except that time I got scared and went to the ER, thinking I was having a heart attack or something. They took my blood pressure and it was sky high, they asked what I took and I told them. Turned out, the 3rd supplement was dangerous for people with high blood pressure (which I have). None of the sources I read even mentioned this contraindication, just talking about how great it was to lower sugar. I felt like a complete and utter dumbass, I nearly killed myself.

  6. Hey Doctor Mike!
    Can you please do a video on natural sugar? I have been struggling with the argument that if I'm watching my processed carb intake, doesn't mean I can't have fruit as a way to get away from calorie dense processed sugar and carbs.
    Everyone keeps telling me, "it's still sugar though."
    My come back is always, "it's not the same."
    Am I wrong? I'm just trying to lose some weight dang it.

  7. Us needs the same advertising law as the UK, over here it is illegal to make claims about any product that can't be proven or are misleading. The advertising standards authority regular bans adverts that are misleading or aren't clear like by not including all required extras in the price etc.

  8. Hey Doctor Mike, what are your thoughts on appetite suppressants in the form of supplements? Are there any "natural" alternatives (food/drink)? I don't struggle to go to the gym or eat healthier but I find it quite difficult to control my portions and get hungry pretty often.

  9. Thank you for doing this video!
    I absolutely adore tea/tisane and I think it can have some positive effects on the human body. Never on their own, and never without doing some research first (and I mean I'm looking for peer-reviewed RCT's and systematic reviews). I'm going to be a healthcare professional, currently working on my Masters, and it makes me happy to see a medical professional with influence beyond their practice promoting good ethics and critical thinking.

  10. Finally! Now I can share this video with those "friends" forever trying to get me to use Detox Tea.. totally pisses me off, these detoxers don't take no for an answer.
    Then u get theses herbalists, good god these people. Herbs "cure" everything and doctors are "evil" <- I know way too many of them and most of them are elderly people.

  11. Definitely not for make money scams, but it can be so tempting some times. I've had so many issues with my gut health, started doing castor oil packs and it seems like a miracle cure. Most of my digestive issues have been corrected by using the castor oil pack without any change in diet. It's things like this that make it hard to say fir certain what is a scam and what may be a tried and true natural remedy

  12. So are charcoal pills not okay? I had a doctor told me to use some for three days a couple years ago I was having toxin problems oe something. I did stop puking after taking them.

  13. I was very influenced about this supplements, etc about loss weight and other things, but I started to digging in and do some research. I was lied the whole time. For example herbalife. Thats a huge scam. But I changed my mind after scientific knowledge and proof. The only thing that will work is visit a Nutritionist (a real one approved by medicine with license) and and balance diet that u know what you are putting into the plate. If a want a tea i will buy some real medicine plants to make one because i don't trust supplements anymore

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