1. im doing one 100gallon… five 65gallon I get alot of tips from you Kaligrownbudz also Mendo boys…..And do same that over an over just try do it better each year…And now Mich voters pass it legal in 2018. We had medical marjuana for 11years

  2. I got 7seed & only one pop…..And one that poped dont even care about it was a free one!!!! Got GOT for 75$ they were autoflower!!!!! But in 20years never had that happen

  3. Having C &W with u, just couple days late to the party. The cat meow fucked with me, thought one of my cats wanted something. lol I have to hide mine among my veggie garden and havent actually gotten my pots yet. Was going to order 10 gallon fabric pots but now I have no idea what size to get?!?! Also moving to our other house we own in the country in a couple months so I'll have to move them in covered trailer….

  4. Tried 30 gallon pots before got a good half pound to pound per….. instead I started putting them a stright on the ground with a hole 3 to 4 feet deep 2 to 3 feet wide got 2 to 10 pounds per depending on strain…if doing solo it's best to only have tops make it easier then trimming small shit…always wanted to grow raised bed but outdoor became prohibited where I'm from….looking forward to seeing how yours turn out

  5. Hi,
    I am new to your channel…Much love and cheers to coffee with Mary Jane! French pressing myself with a Columbian brew. I am vaping with a local stuff called Mtn.Tom and it's a hybrid. It's a cerebral kind of lift off. I am soaking it all in. I am going to try my 1st grow this summer outside. Thanks so much for talking about this stuff and I know I am going make mistakes but I already have organic vegetable garden, so I think I will be ok with all the growers love in this community. Cheers✌️🙂

  6. Well in the winter I went from plastic pots to fabric pots for the inside and now I'm going to try fabric pots outside for the summer instead of plastic pots so if you have any tips or advice ?😎👍💨

  7. Cheers bro love the vids love your garden and what your estimating is that in a 10 gallon pot u should roughly get 1/2 pound would that be for a small plant to get at least that or do u need a sativa to get them results because I love the size of a sativa but I love my indica so I want to see how big I can get an indica 🤙🏻😁 thanks again mate 💚budluv

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