Boriqua Weed Cannabis Marijuana Cheba Strain Review

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  1. I wish I could have waited one day after work in our parking lot enjoying boriqua krush named after angel. my dude one strong cop and even stronger Marine and one hell of a UPSer.

  2. Hey Jay Jay When are your big size hoodies going to be on your site again? I want to order a 4xl blue or black like you wear it looks dope.. I'm been watching UTGL shop for a few months and still not able to buy them yet not in stock ? And by the way I'l need to pick up some bubba kush beans aswell 5 pack thanks, e mail at [email protected] Thanks, Buddy.

  3. Hey JJ! Did you receive a mail from France??? It is Madeleine French butter cakes but if you watch carefully in the bag you will find a piece of Morocco chocolate!!!😉 I send it last week!!! The address on package is a fake do not use it please!!! Just let me know please my friend!
    Have a lifted one and lots of good vibes from France

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