1. drugs are the heart and soul of why a lot of black people are poor, and the ones that make the money from them ? …. I'm going around San Francisco right now and asking this question …{was and is crack cocaine worst than slavery or apartheid} you think it bad their come to Los Angeles and San Francisco California nothing like you have ever seen, if you have never been out of the south, i'm from south carolina ..ok, when i got here, i seen people smoking crack on the main streets like it was

  2. I sat in class at a university as a dos and listened to white college students talk about their inheritance they'll be getting, which is really my stolen inheritance…but anyway good show.

  3. Ain't nothing stable in PG county. He's exactly right, the part of D.C. near chevy Chase is white. At any rate, this other guy is becoming annoying by constantly interjecting and interrupting the flow.

  4. An excellent podcast! I am a recovering alcoholic and imari is correct— I got a lot of good things but not like my white counterpart he described. I enjoy my life a great deal but I am still black and must deal with the issues of being black with a sober mind… I accept the challenge of remaining sober one day at a time…

  5. The life chances and life experiences are vastly different for black and whites. Substance abuse is racial. Just being clean and educated and being black does not ensure "success". So this is NOT about individual choices.

  6. San Francisco is the most racist city in America. PERIOD. I don’t care if they elected some off-brand negress. She’s probably a prop or stooge for finally clearing out Hunters Point. They need her to clear out the homeowners in Hunters Point. They’ve already destroy most of the projects in Hunters Point.

  7. I have never taken drugs and I don't smoke, I stopped drinking about 25 years ago and I never missed it. There is something to be said about having a clear head in the midst of certain situations.

  8. William Scranton, the former Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania was an admitted drug user, but owing to the Scranton family wealth, he got that position. The white junkie only has to 86 the sideburns, don a suit, and instant legitimacy.

  9. You believe in integration but name one positive thing that came out of intergrarion other than black men's strong desire to marry and sleep with white women being satisfied. I'll wait…

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