Bert Kreischer Gets Healthy For a Triathlon | Laughing Fit | Men's Health

Follow Bert Kreischer’s journey to getting fit and healthy as he trains for his first ever triathlon. Bert Kreischer Gets Healthy For a Triathlon | Laughing Fit | Men’s …


  1. Hi Bert, loved the video. At the end of the video, you said, "Don't get overwhelmed, don't think that only elite athletes can do this". You're more right than even you realize. Several years ago, I read a book called, "Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run: My Triathlon Journey from Common Man to IronMan". After reading that book, I set a goal to complete an Ironman before I turned 60. 2 1/2 years later, 5 months before my 60th birthday, I completed an Ironman. Before that, my first sprint triathlon felt a lot like yours looked like. I was dead after the swim and then I had what looked like a huge hill to climb near the start of the bike ride that nearly killed me. In fact, as I was barely moving up the hill some guy that looked like he weighed over 250 rode past me! Still, I kept training and did a couple more sprints, a few Olympic lengths, and then 3 Half Ironmans before completing my full Ironman in Cozumel, Mexico in November 2015. Looking at you swim, you could literally make that the easiest part of your triathlon. Just take it easy and don't push. I know you think an Ironman would be crazy but I totally believe you could pull it off. Keep it up Bert!

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