1. I stopped smoking like 2 weeks ago but I just smoked a gram bout 3 Days ago .. I just gotta call to go to atl in bout 2 days for my CDL training I'm pretty sure they gone pull a hair for the drug test .. Imma shave everywhere except my head(dreads) if I try the macujo method & all clear… do I have a chance at passing? Or is the test too sudden for me to have a shot ??? I really need these CDLS & Job please help!!!

  2. So what do you do ? Apple cider vinegar first then the shampoo ? And do you use the whole bottle ? If so do you do apple cider then shampoo then apple cider then the shampoo and on ?

  3. What’s good, I haven’t smoked in 73 days, until yesterday I took like 4-5 hits. I have a hair sample drug test in 2-3 weeks, you think I’ll be good if I try this shampoo??

  4. What if you have dreads , i have the old style aloe toxin remover & zydot shampoo , also have apple cider vinegar, clean and clear deep and cleaning stuff + the tide , should i do mine the same way as everyone else ? Or would something better work?

  5. I PASSED using the Macujo method and the Aloe Rid detox shampoo I do still have over half of the bottle of the detox shampoo because my hair is short and I didn’t have to use as much I am not joking this method used with the shampoo works I will answer and help anyone asking because believe me I was scared to death this wouldn’t work and I will sell the rest of the shampoo for $150 plus shipping

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