Zilis CBD Presentation – Dr. Derrick DeSilva, M.D. – Benefits of CBD

Zilis Presentation – Dr. Derrick DeSilva, M.D. The Benefits of Zilis UltraCell CBD If you want to try our CBD for your health issues contact me via email: …


  1. Great information. Just wished this information was available in an easier to watch video presentation, not just someone with an iPhone… Is there a better video out there?

  2. I am astonished at the quick results I had when I started taking this less than 2 weeks ago!!! I have been disabled for over 8 yrs due2 a medical error- and have been living with severe chronic pain and NUMEROUS other chronic issues as a result- No pain meds worked for me – i had basically been living out of my BED since then – Until my nurse friend brought me THIS! Day 1 i actually SLEPT for the 1st time in forever! Woke up at 6am the happiest person ever!! But then by Day 4…!! OMG! I was able to be up/active/ out of the house and NORMAL for 12 strait hours!! That is unheard of for me- as I had only been able2 be up/out of my bed for more than an hour b4 the horrible pain kicked in!! THIS ultracell is un-believable!! And it’s been consistent every day since I began! I got my LIFE back!! I am eternally grateful to my nurse friend who got me on this, and I immediately signed up to distribute this amazing stuff also because if it can do THIS for ME?? I know SO many other people who suffer from any # of deficiencies/problems who will easily benefit also! Can’t wait to start helping others and pass on this amazing blessing!!💜

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