YouTube removes CBD oil review videos | Grim future for industry

In this video i discuss how YouTube took down my CBD review videos, which were meant to compare brands for the benefit of users. And how the reasons …


  1. So if I understood correctly you reckon that FDA sees your video as a CBD promotion while they consider it illegal? So how come there are still videos talking about its amazing benefits that were posted more than a year ago?

  2. The FDA has poisoned so many people with there big pharmaceutical companies products that they get millions of dollars in kickbacks for they can't make any money on a natural health product so they come up with a way to make it illegal our federal government is a shame

  3. Not surprised. CVS and Walgreens are going to be selling CBD. CBD is replacing the need for big pharma. Big pharma has lost a lot of my business lately. Also cigarette sales going down as many people are now vaping. I'm a former 40 year smoker that now vapes. I also recently bought CBD oil vape so I could wean off of big pharma pain and anti anxiety narcotics. I prefer the because it's the quickest delivery method. Also my 14 year son who does not vape, smoke or use any kind of drugs or alcohol was allowed to use my CBD vape for his terrible headaches. He won't use even an ibuprofen. There is Omega 3 in some CBD oils and he has wicked deadly seafood allergies. Now they are adding more taxes to vape juices in my state. CBD vape juice included. I more than likely won't be able to afford the CBD vape or any vape for that matter. It looks like the cigarettes industry and big pharma are the winners. I gave drinking nearly 9 years ago. Maybe it's time to go pick up a bottle of tequila and a pack of smokes. So much for leading my child by example. Yes your video was great. It was in my saved videos for future reference. Thanks for the great content.

  4. Ha ha. Not surprised at all. I guess they are trying to save us from ourselves because they know better then us. 🙄 Once seen and heard can not be unseen and unheard. I live in the US and our health care system is criminal. A scam. Nothing but hypocrites, ignorant greedy liars. That’s why some people turn to the streets for some of their problems. Can’t stand them. I hope and pray when the younger come in power they will be more enlightened and the old guard will die along with their limiting beliefs

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