1. Brother growmie and growmies of the 🌎 much love Been busy the last few days so I'm just catching up on the video's .keep them coming . Have a great weekend and stay stoned every one.

  2. Good morning brother growmie and growmies of the 🌎 Sooo cool congrats on the new sponsor yaaaaaaaa. If you look back at the Neptune video I let them know that I was referred to them by kaligrownbudz sharoooooooo owwwww yaaaasss I'm so happy for you brother growmie and growmies of the 🌎 keep up the good work 👍 smoke more and stress less . 🌞 🌱 🌲 💨💨💨💨💨💨💨 🔥 💤💤💤💤 sharoooooo.

  3. Oh my gosh buddy I’m so happy… My God I can’t stop jumping up and down clapping my hands bro… That is so sick I can’t wait to win bro. I’m going to win some of them seats me and Kiki of inspired me in my girl create a channel. Hopefully we can work side-by-side and bounce ideas off each other possibly. Maybe down stuff off each other who knows man you’re freaking awesome bud. You’ve got me so inspired. We got a company called mom’s spice bomb. And Dr. Bombs Medical edibles. And we been trying to get it up off the ground. And the only thing I can think about is straight up social media. We make RSO for our cancer patient friends. When we started doing stuff for other people and not doing it for ourselves that’s when we started to become successful. Man I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart KALI . You’ve woken something up inside me that won’t go back to sleep and I’m not gonna stop until I’ve created something to help people. Thank you so much Kelly I can’t wait to meet you man. What do I have to do to be able to email you. I’m gonna give you my email brother and if you email me you email me if not I’ll meet you when I meet you buddy. And one more time and I’m so thankful to you and so is my girl we really have adapted to a lot of your techniques thank you so much

  4. thank you so very much for your help, i have grown this year, plenty enough to get me through to at least planting time again. I watch each one of your episodes. they have been very helpful. Thanks, from down OZ

  5. Stoked bro. You're making waves in Hawaii too. A few old school growers were talking about you the other day. I laughed and said I watch you too. Happy for you, stoked about this year. Cheeehoo. Aloha from big island.

  6. It wasn't us grow bro it was all you if you didn't know ur stuff and educating ur self and us we probably wouldn't be here so the credit is all yours and congratulations and keep on busting out of those cages and keep us learning and succeeding your Canadian fan thanks you

  7. Yooooo kali I'm soooooo pumped for you man you deserve it you've created an amazing channel with the amazing content keep it up Neptune seeds is the best and only seed bank I'll use have had 100% success and great genetics again man congrats on that sponsorship you may have to update your phone to start handling all you biz Now that we're starting to blow up HaHaHaHAHA much love for the planters of the trees!!!! HAppy growing growmies!!!

  8. That's friggen awesome bro! I subscribed to their newsletter so I know when the seeds I want to buy get back in. Their seed producers have some of the best genetics I've seen around. I'm going to be making videos soon. Just documenting the growth of the plant I'm going to be growing at my mom's. Nothing big. Pretty low budget. I've got some "regular" babies growing under full spectrum LEDs right now. Gonna grow the best looking Female then clone out the rest to a friend for giving me some seeds that would actually perform. I'm hella stoked for you man keep up the good work.

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