1. Bobby booey is a dick. Jackie was there when the show was funniest. I used to think Howard was funny til Jackie left then it was apparent that Wiggy was not funny on his own.

  2. I worked with an Addiction Clinic for a few years as a counselor in my 20s… I was burnt out in two years. At first you go into it thinking you can make a difference… but after awhile you just feel like you're bailing out a sinking ship EVERY SINGLE DAY that had just been torpedoed.
    You have to understand that you're dealing with adult children and Artie is a perfect example of this. Hosting group therapy sessions was the worst… it was basically ten addicts all competing to talk and top everyone else's addiction stories….
    Lies, deceit, back stabbing and fairy tales… that is the life of an addict.

  3. 20 year listener, havent listened AT ALL in about 8 yrs, the show is un-listenable these days. Stern is practically sitting in a room talking into a mic TO NOONE! His official youtube channel only has around 385k subs. That tells the whole story!

  4. After listening to a lot of Artie clips he really is an asshole. Whenever he lends someone money or buys them something he will bring it up several times. He’s always talking about how he is better than Sal and Richard. He brags about living in a mansion and having car service. I don’t particularly find him that funny. Dude was in a shitty movie and luckily got onto the Howard Stern show. He is funny but nothing special

  5. Artie has no street smarts at all. He knows about I️t I️m sure, but as far as acting a certain way when coping drugs i don’t think he knows and prob gets ripped off. Yeah dealers are slow and non caring, but a true dealer who would have info on Artie and what he does he would know income is above average and he’s hooked therefore a dealer would be grade A with him. He was going to Delaware fkin with a broke ass mid level dealer. Not having a solid connect in the middle of New York??? What the fuck… i mean really what da fucccccc. If i has Artie’s life and money I would be on point. Have enough for a week or month on one trip if i wanted and the option to have I️t brought to me or someone go get it. Artie is foolish. 2019 Artie is a disgrace

  6. “ I get out of you and you in the shit hole you’re calling from and raised myself up to a certain level in life that doesn’t include shit heads like you” WTF Art… you are high here and you have lost it all. I’ve never seen him so smug. Loser asshole.

  7. love Jackie marlow!Jackie was the show!no more Jackie puppet no Nancy stories or bayville jetty shit!no pot songs or beer songs!Jackie would of been fired eventually because stern turned into a snowflake PC cunt!

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