Who is Baby Goth? In her 1st Interview, She Reveals All

Baby Goth has made some waves over the past few months. Her first song/video featured Lil Xan and Trippie Redd and she even appeared on Trippie’s album.


  1. her music was so much better before being signed… i feel like theyre forcing her to do drugs and get her face tatted…like she doesnt look like shes used to being high, which she clearly is in the vid.

  2. She rolled that blunt so fucking loose bro and wasn't even smoking the weed, exhaling as soon as the smoke entered her mouth. Adam22 "you seem like you smoke a lotta weed" = waste a lotta weed.

  3. I'm actually curious on why it matters so much on if shes some industry plant. Do you like her music? I do, her voice is catchy. Is she randomly up and coming? Sure, I hadn't heard of her till her song smooth. But if you think about it, who cares? It's not our jobs to give two cents where she come from or how she got there, but where she takes it from here. We all get chances in life, do we take them. I'm sure she did. Dont hate her hustle.

  4. only feds cough bria bueno. this is hard to watch. she has no idea who she’s pretending to be. no confidence. unwatchable because of her avoiding the mic.

  5. Most annoying interview ever… she like keeps going back and forth from the mic, and Adam keeps trying to move it as a hint, and she just keeps going all over the place.
    Also.. she straight up on the Gofundme said she needed the money for her ep for her HUSBAND, child, and the album. She’s a liar.

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