1. If you want to view Michael Jackson as a pedophile, you will He admitted to allowing children to sleep in his bedroom (which itself is the same size as a small two story house) and has been accused of child molestation more then once. te's not the guy next door, was undeniably eccentric, and most certainly didn't live a conventional life. But to anyone who has bothered to look into the allegations against him and I mean really look into them -there is more than enough evidence to demonstrate that he was a victim of extortion and of copycat false claims for the past twenty five years. Yet despite the Los Angeles Police Department stating that Jackson should be presumed to be innocent despite a jury finding him not guilty on every single charge against him, despite the Los Angeles Department of Children. and Family Services twice investigating and clearing him of wrongdoimg, despite the FI conducting a very thorough investigation in which no evidence of wrongdoing was found, and despite the cash grab lawsuits of his posthumous accusers being tossed out of court, the court of public opinion may sadly be what defines this saga and a large part of his legacy

  2. hey river lets check out that billie jean dance. oh shit i forgot you backstabbed the mj community by believing two random dudes and dropping your idol for 10+ years lmao

  3. Aww I love camping, there aren’t many beautiful places to camp in STL, so I’m glad you guys posted this so I could live vicariously through you lmao. Love you guys 💕💕

  4. Christ dude, second time having a dream about River. First time it was that he died, a few months ago. Now, it was that he was a highschool student at my school and i called him out or something. He was hurt, that's all i remember. For all I know, im blocked on this account, but im sorry. I dont even know if yall saw my other comments, but.. damn.

    River, i need to talk to you. About everything thats been going on… i wanna talk. I know i dont stand out from anyone, but i hope yall see this. Anyway, have a great week.

    If you're down to talk, join here – https://youtu.be/addme/8XsgjebftKKman46fyEaexl64b6Zeg

  5. May may foggot everything u have is cos of Michael Jackson ur a fake fan and betrayed Michael Jackson I hate fake people like u Michael Jackson was and ALWAYS will be innocent fu if u believe those liers may may u better keep it shut don't talk about Michael Jackson ever EVER AGAIN hope Michael trapson meets u soon

  6. Look. I’m sorry you’re receiving hate. But why did you have to delete your channel. We want to see your dancing because it’s awesome. I still love you and yire so much.

  7. It's been rough, but I do respect your opinion and just know that a lot of us miss you. May you live your best life. It's ok if you don't come back to the community, but know we care about you. I don't know if you'll see this but I wanted this message out anyways.
    Michael Jackson (Innocent) Forever

  8. I love your videos guys, I respect your opinion River on MJ, but I am sad about that, I hope I can see you dance one last time, Its dont need to be MJ music, but dance🙇 Plz reply

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