Vegans Quitting Veganism? [VEGANUARY DAY 11]

“Why do so many people quit veganism?” Short answer: they don’t! Let me explain why people aren’t quitting veganism, rather they are going off their …


  1. So True,
    These fake vegans make me Sick that thet can go back to eating murdered innocent animals.

    Thankyoy so Much for being outspoken amd speaking the truth from.heart💚

  2. Nice eyebrows mate hahahhahah … No there is no difference between plant based and veganism. and ur completely deluded stupid and brainwashed. U are so dumb. There is no such a thing as ethical veganism 🙂 its the most unethical selfish terrible for environment and planet as it is diet there is , There is like 15 major nutrients missing in vegan diet. EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS IN ANIMAL PRODUCTS> you are just another lil brainwashed narcissistic faggot thinking ur doing the right thing. go watch Frank TUFANO you dumb pathetic excuse for life because i cant even begin to explain how many stupid things you have said in this video. You have no clue about diet, metabolism , nutrition , or even ethics. Its so ethical to make your 1 stupid vegan meal that counties 20 different ingredients that have to be flew from like half of the world so you can actually have your meal >its less ethical to eat something locally made from a local animal. just watch some videos , educate yourself and maybe you will have more than 81 views .

  3. You nailed it!! It is so true!! So many people are confused about the difference! Thank you for sharing your wisdom <3 MUCH LOVE!! Vegan forever!! For the animals <3

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