1. If you are worried about what to do or what to invest in when we hit another financial and economical downturn there are hints from those companies that survived and thrived during and after the Great Depression. Do some research and find out who survived and what they sold…most likely these same or similar companies will be safe again.

  2. The market goes to the moon? So that's where speculation is driving the market. I can't wait for the bargains we're about to have access to. I want to buy undervalued dividend returning stocks.

  3. Peter… did you hear about this?
    Famous rapper '50 cents' sold his house at 80% discount because of no buyers (median disposable income turning down and median speculative investment capital also going down)…… he goes by the name '16 cents' now… LoLoL

    Love your work Peter

  4. Peter couldn't we get the cash from selling some of our metals to buy assets when the recession starts and people sell low verses holding cash to buy as its being devalued ? Please comment

  5. Sound advice. I'm feeling very risk adverse and bearish about sustainability. I'm now in cash and physical metals. I intend to just focus on a new small business and just sit on the sidelines and see what plays out over the next year or two. I see bubbles everywhere in my opinion and has me quite worried. The fed and the government at large I simply consider corrupt and untrustworthy at the moment. Terribly sad but my trust has been shaken badly.

  6. I think there could be one more push if the do QE4 and negative rates. This will push more money into the market for a surge but after that I don't think there is but one way to go.

  7. Hi Peter, great videos. Wondering would you do anything different if you were living in the UK. I watch a lot of videos on yt, mainly from people in the US and Canada, wondering what would be good from a UK perspective. Many thanks

  8. im hanging on to my real estate its paid off and generating income with new roofs haha , bought some more silver but I feel the dollar will get stronger until its gets devalued from quantative easing . I got money on side line for stock crash your right peter something this way comes . I have been gearing my business into cheaper product I discounted expensive things over the years transferred money into cheaper things if its a depression I will go into selling 2 day old bread . money devaluing or inflation will skyrocket precious metals I see recession as an opportunity my grandpa purchased his business in 1935 can you imagine the balls he had investors that prepare for a rainy day will put a floor back under this market crash . one indicator is low unemployment its always low before things turn sour/ im hoping to build my 3 bay garage and maybe buy a nice ford king ranch 4×4 one owner then buy another distressed property and load up on some discounted stocks soon it feels like 2005 again car markets in trouble and a few smart folks are ringing the alarm bell

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