1. I am using your crush grind mill kits and love the product. I have turned two mills where the mill is slightly shorter than the rod in the mechanism. I have cut the rod to shorten it but can not get the cut end flattened enough to stay in the grinder. Any suggestions on how to repair this? I keep hammering the end on a vice but so far no luck.

  2. Awesome video, quick question about the finishing method. How long you let it dry between coats? I understand it will depend upon temperature but I noticed that it feels dry to touch within a couple of minutes.

  3. The video does not show the removal of the chuck tenon from the top of the mill body. Please confirm the best way to do this with the live center in the tenon. I am new at this. I really appreciate this video.

  4. Ok, now it is time to make a Video of a "Snap-in" Crushgrind mechanism using a shaft of PVC.  This enables one to use the snap-in mechanism and turn an identical mill as the shaft mechanism.  I have made 4 of these and they work as well or better than the shaft.  Note:  It is technically different than making the shaft mill, but not more difficult, just different.

  5. Loved the video. I turned out 6 sets for Christmas presents.  I found a useful tip on the 3rd or 4th set; that is boring a hole in the mill part from the bottom end with a 3/16" x 8" drill bit.  Seems to speed up the process of boring through the maple.

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