Tuck Talk#11: Marijuana Legalization in Canada, How I Feel About it and Why, October 18, 2018

Canadian citizen and former international hash smuggler Gary Tucker shares his unique perspective on the legalization of marijuana in Canada.

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  1. With Liberty comes Risk and Responsibility! I don't care for the Legalization model that was passed, as some prohibitions have been doubled in sentencing and there is no scientific proof of how to determine if someone is impaired just because there is THC in their system! There will be many court challenges to the laws! The Corporate Fascist model is not Free Market Capitalism! It will probably take a few years to HASH out the legal issues, unless Scheer and the Neo-Cons take control and try to throw us back into our caves! Any prohibition model will be a Failed Model! PPC and Maxime Bernier is a breath of fresh air!

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