1. Interesting…I've noticed that I have tendency to always be doing something unhealthy and if I'm not it's as if something is missing. For instance smoking a cig or drinking coffee (not that coffee is super bad but too much caffiene isn't good either). It seems like if I'm not putting something in my body I almost have this sense of that I'm forgetting to do something. It's weird.

  2. Thank you for sharing. When I first stumbled across Claudia’s Ted Talk I began searching for more information and yours were some of the first videos I found. It takes courage to share your journey with complete strangers, but I want you to know that this ‘stranger’ thanks you, and TSM from the bottom of her sober heart! ❤️

  3. also been in and out of hospital many times here and abroad! crying out for a detox, intravenous, thiamine vitamin b Valium librium ect, but thankfully not for 3 years now, I always have a certain decent amount of a friends Valium in case of a relapse to regulate and calm myself down, i sometimes use it to relax myself around evening times, AUD Is as terrible a disease mentally as it is physically!

    I also was diagnosed with ADD finally last year, which finally made sense that throughout my past, I was trying to self medicate with Alcohol, and then lose myself in it, apart from my last 11 month (evening only) binge I had some clear insight of sobriety before then,

    And I do now, however I must put in the work , of all the books that I have read and months of meditations hypnotherapy, sensory dark flotation tanks ect into practice now! and go for it like never before, and love myself enough to wake up feeling joy with gratitude with attitude everyday with the conviction to be healthy and vibrant, nothing feels better than this, we are on this earth , to taste, feel, smell, feel, in a vibrant way, not in a sabotaging way
    but that one temptation of the bottle can end up a long road to ruin!"
    Wish me all the best, as I will need and strive for it!

  4. please help me!! how can I get a prescription from India, I have suffered in some shape or form since I was 15 23 years ago, and still struggle, I had managed to just about hold a Job lived abroad and for years and travelled the globe, some amazing experiences and equally harming myself to blackout, some bad stages I maintained a certain job between the age of 21 to 24 drinking up to 3 bottles of vodka per day!" my internal body is bruised beaten and worn, I can not do that anymore , my limit is 1/2 a bottle of spirits and 3 beers, or close to a daily usage, ( last 11 months) everyday, which I stopped last week I have not made 40 yet, I have had horror stories terrible ones, and funny travelling stories If I could could write a book, a drunks guide to travelling the globe, and where to go out ect…I would be rich if I laughed at it, but it is no joke!
    I meditate I have manifested wealth and believe totally in changing synaptic hard wired thoughts in my brain, I have done, but alcohol hits me again, I still believe I can change myself, if I am strong enough, abstinent, long enough, and focus on all the information available for me to transform my life of abundance love wealth health, however inbox me for some info for the prescription from India?

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