1. LMAO Subs were the first ones I ever found. Went foraging for three hours only to come back home to a, "No fucking way" moment as a patch of 174 were just sitting there in my dads backyard. Needless to say, the next few months featured some of the best moments of my life! Ah memories…

  2. for some reason everytime I’ve ever tripped my trips always felt really connected to space and aliens and I’d always draw other planets and realms that I’d never seen before, and they’d be so detailed and I’d imagine life on that planet and this rant is getting weird now but I felt like there was a message I was supposed to take out of those but I can’t put my finger on it

  3. Okay so around about a year ago now, i had the most strange bad trip off 1p-lsd and still feel some of the effects that i had on the trip to this day. It started 3 days before christmas. I was 13 and i got a tab of 1p-lsd from a friend but i do not know the dosage or where it came from and i also was taking it with weed too i had 3.5 grams of really good weed and when i took it at the start of the trip i was really enjoying it and i had not smoked any weed at this point and after about 2 hours of the trip i left the first group of people i was with to go and get another group of friends to go to a place where i had only been to that place 2 times before this time.

    After i got to the place i started smoking then i blacked out until we got to a place in the woods we started to smoke again and after that everything went yellow and purple and i started to do some very unusual things like kept checking the time on my phone and then started to throw the joint when i was to pass it to another friend then after that i cannot remember anything until a while later and the rest of the time is just what my friends said what happened. Another 15 minutes went by then i started to shout numbers out which was the time at the moment 3 oclock i just kept shouting 3,4 fuck i 3 and stuff like that and after that my friends decided they needed to get me home so they took me to the bus stop to get me home and i kept walking away from the bus stop and saying them numbers. Then my mum called me to ask when i was coming home and i answered the phone just saying them numbers 3,4 fuck fuck and stuff like that so then one of my friends grabs the phone off me ends the call. After that the bus came i think that my mom kept calling me but i never answered on the bus but i kept doing the same thing over and over pulling my phone out and all the other stuff in my pockets and then saying them number and then the bus stopped at the next stop and before my friends could do anything i ran off the bus snd proceeded to go into a field and start walking away and the bus drove off after that i can slightly remember my mom phoning me constantly asking where i was and i have to tell her but it was like i had no voice and i could not speak or say anything and after listening to her for about a minute i kept hanging up then i can slightly remember walking through the field and this thing comes up that says if you awoken to this in your sleep your whole life was an old man’s tale then it proceeded to show me what looked like miners looking like it is back in the old times which is crazy for me to think about now and then all of a sudden i fell to the ground and i finally snap out of it. I had lost my phone and whatever money i had on me at the time which then i looked around and i thought that i had died when i was still tripping at the time but not as much and i thought the world was some kind of afterlife then i had seemed to make it to the end of the field where i found my self next to a small hotel and a petrol station where i walked around next to it for a bit questioning what to do and then a woman from the hotel called me over and told me to come inside which i did and at that point i feel like i would of done anything that anyone told me to do at that point no matter what which scares me to think about and then she phoned the police and they arrived in what felt like seconds and they searched me then proceeded to put me in the back of an ambulance and was then taken to hospital where my mom and my sister were waiting there with around 10 police officers and i got taken in where i was asked what i had took and if i remember anything and who gave me it but i told them nothing but i cant remember anything. Now fast forward to now and i am a daily weed smoker and whenever i smoke now i feel quite a lot of the effects of the bad trip i had and also quite bad anxiety where i am put in a bad train of thoughts and it is quite difficult to get out of and the more i smoke the more effects of the bad trip come back to me However i love getting stoned that much i dont care about that and still smoke. Now i have finally gave it up incase that is the reason that i still feel the minor effects of the bad trip like the walls have this fuzzy texture to them and when i close my eyes i see some of the patterns i seen on the bad trip which get more intense the longer i close my eyes for and can feel the presence of someone next to me when there is not or even feel like i can see where i am but i am in a much different place than i really am. If anyone sees this that has any experience like this please get back to me however i highly doubt anyone has. Also i get quite bad deja vu from time to time now and the other people that have took the substance say they have had too.
    I had only taken 1p-lsd once before this without weed and the effects was very minor and i got bored of it so i made myself fall asleep which makes it even crazier to think about.

  4. I am so grateful for your videos i had the same experience as you and i can see it as clearly as you see it just thank you that your channell exist and i found you 🙂

  5. Okay this "full q&a on patreon" really sucks… Teasing us like that is just not cool.
    If you do a q&a and say i answered even more questions on patreon or something thats okay but the way you did it is worse than clickbait

  6. Hey bruh how bout a datura picking guide?? for harm production?

    Jk but I was wondering if you've ever seen any Corkwood Trees (Duboisia) out where you're at, being in Australia and all. It seems like a really unique plant that contains both scopolamine (the chemical in datura) as well as other random components such as nicotine. From what I can see, due to its unique chemical profile it seems to almost be the "Peyote" of nightshade hallucinogens. Although I don't think it's a single specific species, I think there's several and they're all in Australia. Would be cool if you found some, definitely don't take any though ha.

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