1. Totally agree dude. I got food poisoned 2 years ago and know exactly what you mean. An hour after I ate I had the worst headache that suddenly switched to nausea but about 30 seconds before I puked I heard in my head " We're leaving now." The supra-organism literally sent a message to me. Unfortunately not all of them were expelled. All I have so far is the title but I was going to write an essay about it at some point "The Demonology of Microbiota"

  2. Been learning and removing them for about 2 -3 months. Now I know for a fact they were there forever, my whole life. It’s disgusting. It’s so creepy thinking about it. I couldn’t have ever equates them with demons and all that has been like a great big gong to wake me up. I want them out.. NOW. I have been sick because of die off. Yeah, I am all ears and know for a fact now that my symptoms and all things in the last few years have connection to them. I understand those ‘awakenings’ when some clear.. wheno started to do coffee enemas, I literally felt my entire body thank me and gain relief as it has been held POW without any clue as to how to tell me. They are still there and all I want to do i

  3. I found this video resonated, even though I don't believe in demons. What you said though feels like what I've experienced. I have a question. I am now seeing other people, their health issues, and their behaviour as potentially due to parasites (although I don't say it out loud to them cause no one believes that they have parasites: ) After observing a former friend and contemplating this for a while, I was wondering, do you think parasites could make a person petty and gossipy? Or do you think they'd just lead to kind of general anxiety and crankiness, and that would exacerbate a person's inclination towards pettiness and nastiness?

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