Megan: Tired Of Girls Who Just Woke Up On Instagram Deciding They Wanted To Be A Rapper Today

Houston rapper and 1501 Certified Ent member, Megan Thee Stallion, sits down with DJ Smallz and weighs in on the current state of female rappers, gun toting …


  1. She said it right about these instagram turned rappers . Where is the passion where is the grind . I love the way she addressed the question all facts 👏🏾

  2. She just said , "sex sells, you gotta have sex appeal. That's what woman probably have to do." THAT SHIT is NOT making a woman's struggle any better. That is not an empowering way to teach our young girls to behave or WORSE yet BELIEVE. I can't believe in 2019, when I'm watching now, this is what some females think is cool. You are MORE than tits, ass, or fucking! We will never get the respect we SOME of us are due, IF we teach are daughters that what she saying is the value of our worth! This girl is not a rapper! SHE SAID IT, sex sells and that's what she trying to do. I try to give This girl a fair chance. I discovered her today, i binged her music! Not on NO HATING SHIT, because you can't take away that she is a beautiful woman. But what she "rapping" about, I say this as a woman, a mother, a RAP FAN, and hopefully wiser as I have gotten older, she is saying nothing of value or empowerment to woman or our people in general. You can NOT me too movement on saturday and Slut March on Sunday! Then in a week when it's over be a surviving victim! Be accountable for your worth. We are more than this! All this sex sells shit will definitely get us fucked, but never respect. And a whole lot of attention if that's all you after. Change gotta come man, it's sad.

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