Medical implant can help addicts ‘reprogram their lives’ – pain management specialist

Last year was the worst year on record for drug overdose deaths in the United States. Overdoses killed nearly 200 people per day. Alcohol addiction and abuse …


  1. so pill and then plant like pregnancy to have long lasting effect.
    overall cost of addiction theray rehab is expensive.
    says its insurance policy!
    it bloocks the high, effects for 4-6 months which is how long it takes to adapt.

  2. They say "opioid" and have images of pills in background, yet the vast majority of these opioid deaths were from illicit opioids (heroin/fentanyl analogs). Rx scripts dropped significantly this past year and yet numbers still rose in terms of death.

    It's time to start looking at the truth and not at fitting your desired narrative.

    Start looking at stats and their detail. Then look into how many people in serious pain that are killing themselves due to the fact that their pain meds are taken away.

  3. Next they will try to tell us that being in serious chronic pain is an addiction itself.
    Almost all of the drug overdoses were from illicit street drugs. How many addicts hooked on meth or heroin do you think will get an implant?
    Another knee jerk reaction that creates profits, while not helping addicts, and killing people in serious pain who are now denied medication to treat it.

  4. I think this treatment is for rich people. By the way dear rt would you cover a fresh news from Afghanistan Kabul. Last night there was a massive explosion in Kabul. It took place in one of us base. And then the fight after explosion lasted for ten hour. Imagine ten hour in capital city. It must be serious one. Thank u

  5. Complete HORSESHIT!!! If you take opiates while on the drug that's in the implant they're talking about, it can kill you. Notice how this Doctor didn't mention that part? You can vomite and dry heave so hard that it will rip your stomach lining out and cause internal hemorrhaging. It can also give you a heart attack due to the ANXIETY every addict suffers from when you abruptly take their opiates away —— and more doctors do that then don't. Doctors are EVIL.

    Btw, with an addict, it's NOT about the "high". Addicts tolerance outgrows the high. They take the drug to stay 'NORMAL'.

    These Doctors won't admit that it's actually THEM who gets people strung out and addicted. Then, they blame the person they addicted to the drug as it being all their own fault. Lying POS.

  6. Remember that drug for alcoholics that would have then nauseous and make them throw up if they drank? That didn't work, people drink right with it. Remember naloxone additives to say Suboxone? Guess what, they just pop the pills themselves… Now you think you can just implant the same idea, just package it as an implant with 80% success rate!? Common, how stupid do you think people really are???
    Only the addict themselves can decide to quit. And here is another thought, if people felt that their lives mattered and they were productive and have Hope…. Suddenly the success rates of quitting go way above 80%… Enough with fake solutions, change the environment… Shitty life is what causes people to seek a way to deal with it.

  7. I am a disabled veteran! It is amazing that the Russian government gives us real news! I have discovered Kratom and have called the FDA to inform them that their commissioner is a piece of trash! They want to ban Kratom so we can be hooked on drugs like China got hooked on opium by the British!

  8. Yet another story that makes it sound like the prescription medication is behind all the overdose/deaths in America…while fentanyl and heroin are driving the numbers of overdoses and death higher and higher. There needs to be more attention to the details. An implant is not going to stop the people from using fentanyl/heroin if they refuse it or it is proven that the implant does not work as described.

  9. They should make everyone on welfare getting free medical to take this implant and ween them off the opiates!! I've seen numerous people on welfare getting opiates, selling them. Then walking away with $500-$600 a month. Whether their in pain or not. It's either money or cocaine. Now remember if you work, you are paying for people like this. And those people do not get drug tested. But oh yes, the working people do. Opiates should only be for the terminally ill!! Not for back and neck pain!!! And also remember the welfare people pay only $1.00 for their scripts!!!

  10. I am amazed at the stupidy. Why are they still introducing new super opioids in the market in this epidemic. And then bring a treatment for this freak show to surgically implant people. Some propaganda they came up with to chip people.

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  12. CAUTION – The patient could still TRY to get that buzz by taking too much – as they don’t feel the high they might take more and more AND ultimately overdose & die.😢 Praying everyone finds healing & peace 🙏Godspeed 🙏

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