1. Only an animal that "has to stab someone" pedo or not deserves to stay in prison forever. You cant fucking stab people because you feel like it or because of some ass backwards code. If your stabbing someone you deserve to rot in prison for the rest of your life just like the pedo or the rapist.

  2. My uncle had pull pulling a few years around the late 70's or 80's got furlough for the weekend fucked up one day didn't go back blasting off with that base bullshit my other uncle ended up having to talk to the cops to keep them from just shooting his ass when they seen him mf got 3 extra years and this is southern NC smh those days had to be something else…Love the old stories…

  3. I mean, you don't HAVE to stab the pedophile. You could be your own man and not listen to some faggot with face tatts who aint ever going home
    but people who go to prison generally don't have thought processes liek that

  4. You don’t have to stab anyone. If you got 6 months left in prison and you’ve been there for 15 years and you let someone “make” you stab someone to where now you’re in prison for life, you don’t need to be out of prison. It’s just proof that you’ll do whatever the next guy tells you to do. “Hey esse, go kill that girl over there” “okay homes”… Joey doesn’t need this stupid ass dude on his podcast anymore.

  5. Another thing they're doing is constantly rotating the chomo/snitch yards around and transferring people. So you'll be on a solid yard,get transferred to a different prison and get asked what yard you were on then hear "That's the PC Yard!" even though it wasn't when you were there. And in a lot of States it isn't that easy to get your paperwork right away.

  6. So u was at a camp Joey? With kidnap and a gun charge? ..i couldn't get a camp cause a previous felony assault . Joey I like u but u full of shit . Somewhere u lying ..and matter fact alot if your stories sound like lies . Joes a pathological liar now that i see it …go fuck yaself never listening to this dudes lies again

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