How to Wash Out Hemp Oil in the Shower | FULL TALK THROUGH TUTORIAL :) (Sebo-Scalp Psoriasis)

CLICK HERE: (I washed my hair about 6 times) The video is linked down below with the full instructions. This video is just out to wash hemp oil out of the hair.


  1. A tip from my dermatologist – if you do the first shampoo into your DRY hair rather than rinsing it first, you'll only need to do a second shampoo after you rinse that first one out. It really really helped me! No need to shampoo loads of times to get the oil out.

  2. Hello ! thank you for your tips. One question : After the oil and the shampoo, when my hair gets dry, all my skin is falling I have so much dandruff even if I don't scratch. Do you have any tip to feel more confortable in public, at office for example… ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you !

  3. Can't thank enough for your guidance. I saw your other video where you tell about the products. My scales have cleared up completely but my scalp still gets greasy and feels dandruffy but the scales are gone. It's been only two months and I've seen better results but does the dandruff and greasiness be gone by continuing the routine? Also, I've been experiencing hairfall due to sebo psoriasis, does the routine combat that as well?

  4. I have been doing your method now for 8 days and it has helped me out tremendously! However, when I wash my hair out with ACV, all the flakes tend to come out, making it longer to rinse. Did you have this problem in the beginning of your treatment?

  5. I just got done putting the hemp oil in my hair tonight. I canโ€™t wait to to see and feel my hair tomorrow. Thank you so much for making these videos I have been dealing with this for several years now and the stuff from the Dermatalogist doesnโ€™t work anymore so now my entire scalp is covered and on my right under eye and nose has flakes.

  6. I have been struggeling with psoriasis for a long time now and my scalp is always been the worst. I was just wondering if the oil is going to get rid of all the dry skin flakes? I always have a lot of skin flakes in my bed when I wake up and it is so annyoing! So I was just wondering if the oil gets rid of it? I have slept with oil and diffrent things in my hair before and then I use a comb to get rid of the skin flakes in the morning. It does help but my scalp gets so irritated and then the flakes just come back.. What to doo

  7. Did you stick a bunch of hair to the wall to save blocking up the plug? I say this because I do too ๐Ÿ˜‚ Long hair problems! I'm ordering the hemp oil and will be giving this a try. Thank you โ˜บ

  8. I've struggled so much with this diagnoses. My mother has been making the Dr Bs recipe shampoo for me and I've been doing your routine for about a month. My scalp is still very chapped & using the apple cider vinegar for my rinse has been BURNING my scalp like crazy. Is this okay? Should I just order the shampoo via Amazon to be sure? Thank you for putting yourself out there for all of us, you truly give me hope…
    Struggling in Bowie, Md

  9. How do you know your hair is clean since the bronners shampoo is made with oils?? Like it kinda feels like there's still oil, it makes nice suds but as soon as I rinse it out it i wanna describe it like sort of stiff??

  10. It's very kind and caring of you to be that passionate about helping strangers that you would let us into your intmate places (physical and emotional) in the hope of making others …well physically and emotionally.
    I'm hoping to help my grandson through watching your tutorials and I so appreciate your time, effort and care.
    Thank you!

  11. i have just tried your technique. three questions… do you put body lotion on your scalp after you washed it? can you wash your hair again with dr bronner after you put the vinegar on it? how much hemp oil did you use? i washed my hair 5 times and it still does not feel clean. maybe i had too much hemp oil…

  12. Hello em ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for the videos. 1 question though. I will start using hemp oil every 2 days the first week and a half then I will use hemp oil every 3 days before I shower for the rest of my life since it makes the hair healthier and softer. Will that make my hair super greasy ? :/

  13. when i put the vinegar cider. It started burning a lot. Can I still do this treatment without the vinegar? fyi I am a guy with short hair so tangles are no problem.

  14. I am so hoping this works for me in the long run. The oil felt amazing last night and provided an instant relief from the tightness, however I felt by the morning I was still suffering from itchiness in some areas. I washed my scalp 9 times but had to stop as my scalp was getting irritated almost feels like the skin is broken (i have short nails, and long but extremely thin hair). Then putting the ACV on my scalp was uncomfortable for a moment, I don't mind the smell but feel like my hair still isn't clean properly. I'm alarmed at how much hair has come out, something I would be paranoid about anyway, perhaps this is normal on the first go. I will try the treatment again in two days, hopefully it gets easier.

  15. Thank you for making this video, you are so brave and did such a great job breaking this down step by step! This helped a lot, I did my first treatment of oil last night and used the ACV/dr bronners for a week leading up to it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this to work. So far it wasn't near as time consuming as I thought it would be. I plan on doing the oil treatment 3x a week (that's how often I normally wash my hair). I'll let you know in a month my results! Thanks again <3

  16. Oh your back !! Love your channel ๐Ÿ˜€ Just wanted to ask a quick question. I'm going to start using dr bronners soap and acv as conditioner for my hair and I'm a bit worried that my hair will lose its softness and texture since it is not properly conditioned and cleaned like it would be with normal shampoo and conditioner. I heard that dr bronners soap makes the scales on scalp fall out and it heals your scalp from psoriasis. Is all of that true :O ?

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