1. guns are killing mashines so why are you promoting it cant take you seriously , and you are all but scientific and even less spiiritual scientific , not imppressed

  2. Is there a difference in wild lettuce when making remedies …ie …Lactuca serriola vs Lactuca Virosa you are showing Lactuca serriola which we call prickly lettuce vs Lactuca virosa which we call wild lettuce

  3. Dang I've mistaken them all of my 62 years. Broken over a couple dozen dead 8 footers just to get around a broken down truck 3 weeks ago. Taking oxycodone for back pain, and had a natural pain reliever growing in my field!

  4. My sisters and I used to play like we were cooking weeds in rain water in moms old pans. Dad taught us about weeds since we played in feilds all the time.Its a good thing we didn't eat raw poke.

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