EPISODE # 77 – THE DUDE GROWS SHOW – WELCOME BACK!!! I know I know it’s been a long break but we are now back in action and we couldn’t kick off the …


  1. Like good cheese the episode didn't get bad from lying on the fridge waiting for me to fetch up on it. Its more smelly and it starts getting a bit sticky on the outside but –
    IT'S ALL ABOUT THE TASTE MAN! The inner values, man. I'd say this one flowed naturally despite some usual tech probs. Great show!

  2. This was a cool ass episode! Lots of concentrate talk…lol.. i guess i better start squishing! 😂🤣 i felt leftout and old smoking flower still lmao jkjkjk. Loved the show guys. Never get goo much subcool stories, and knowledge . Period. Cheers
    P.s. Scotty can fit in ANYWHERE . Thats a good gift to have!

  3. frenchy goes even further and says that sharp ice is no good at all. not sure if it was because it fucks up trichs or makes more room for inpurities or both 😉

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