(FREE) "Freestyle" – J. Cole & Joey Badass Type Beat 2019 (Prod. Novmber)

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  1. Pop rap, soft trap, depressed kids overdose on medicines, rest in peace the most dope veterans.
    Top that shot glass, respect is the culture now. Trying figure out how to hunt the vultures down, man its been a while… Can't find peace in a beat when these rappers use em too.

  2. I won’t ever stop
    Bitches waiting for the drop, shit
    People acting nice is why this albums getting copped
    It’s apparent, couple pairs won’t like me off script
    I ain’t playing games, I just say it how it is
    Move the kids out the way while I’m reaching for the top
    Talking belly of the beast, and I’m the monster in the moshpit
    I’m not god sent
    But I’ve known god since
    A hot chick gave me top, and then I saw her topless
    You can ask if I’m a piece of trash
    Equivalent to garbage bags
    Type to hide some money bonds
    Honestly, I’d nod and laugh
    Chances are I’m high as shit
    So you’re fine to whine and bitch
    Unless I’m paying for my stage,
    Then I don’t have time to spend
    … tosing adjectives and pronouns
    The way my flow sound you would think that I’m a pro now, right?
    When I write, shine brightest in the night time
    Making rhyme music, only use it if it’s tight
    Never been the type to type some shit I don’t relate to
    I’ve been in it for a minute, dead in the eyes
    I just get turnt, been hurt so I make do
    Down in the dirt, it’ll work if I try
    I, smoke to put the fire in my iris
    Eyes red as valentines, at my brightest when I’m highest
    Lot of actors talk cash when they should stay silent,
    Quit rapping jack, now you’re dancing with a giant
    Hard as rock solid marble
    Shit like marmalade, layered
    Bar for bar, slay em quick
    I’ve been known to own a faker
    Claiming prophet, saying that he’s making paper for his pocket
    Like my whisky on a weekday, he’s as empty as his wallet

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