Cree LEDs, Vero LEDs, Citizen cobs, Best LED technology? Cannabis vlog 011

We tackle a wider variety of topics this week…How to lower pH in nutrient mix naturally and organically with out pH down. We look at Cree LEDs, Vero LEDs, and …


  1. I to am a Very devoted Christian. We are to forgive and forget those who try and do harm us. And Yes, love is always & should be used. God is always close. Watching, listening. Go to him. Amen joey.

  2. The whole GOD thing is getting tiring. A major reason why cannabis has struggled to achieve legalization at a federal level is the morality-based legislation of right wing religious fanatics. These idiots are the same ones who spearheaded Prohibition in the 20s. Think of all the lives ruined by that little experiment.

  3. Hey brother, Iโ€™m a SoCal led autoflower grower. Iโ€™m trying to promote my channel And grow my view were base. I am on my seventh grow. I fell in love with the General hydroponics power grower bucket system. And I just made a DIY LED grow light. If you can give me a shout out it would be much appreciated, keep up the excellent work and God bless you!

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