CARNIVORE DIET+ OMAD: what I ate today plus my thoughts on CBD & THC for gut and skin health

Carnivore diet. One meal per day diet. Todays meal was MCT oil, Steak and salt. Meat heals? SO far, yes! I also share a few thoughts on weather I think CBD oil …


  1. Ok simpler question I'm severely under weight can I not gain weight because of digestion issues I dont think incandescent detox right now my skin isnt terrible but I feel sluggish and malnourished should I even think about detoxing ? Or should I just eat to gain weight then try to detox my BMI is 14.8 im dangerously under weight(eating disorder) 😕

  2. Is there such thing as too much fruit in a day. Also what’re people take on free range organic drum sticks. They are very cheap so I decided to buy them. I know he’s discussed the fruit thing before but I forgot and can’t find the video! Also wondering peoples thoughts on sushi?

  3. hello so i detoxed for maybe too long and serverly lost weight about 30 pounds im 97 know 5ft 6 and couldnt do phase 2 because my parents kinda pushed me to eat regular just to gain the weight back my bmi is 14.5 went to hopital and liver enzymes are high. but im struggling to gain the weight my skin was clear for a long time but i did feel really sick bio markers were terrible but skin was awesome weird but i dont think i can go all raw fruits for phase 2 or the fat part idk im just worried about my health right now muscle loss ect. what would you recommend i feel like im stuck until i gain the weight im very anorexic. cant even fast theres no way i would die. and i have severe ocd so it makes thing 10x worse lol… sory its a lot…

  4. Hey I would really appreciate a response from someone because I think this is a good platform. Any way do people think that eyebrow dermatitis flaky and scaly eyebrows are caused by diet. That is literally my only affected area. Except minor flakiness in side of nose.

  5. Wow Rob, you really tried to get GojiMan’s channel shut down? I thought you were compassionate? Trying to shut downs someones channel just because he doesnt follow your diet? Immature and unprofessional.

  6. OMAD FOR ME mostly ..hey can you show me how to read one of those special scales that show all ..I have one but don't understand if my fat..muscle etc is ok…thanks I'm 58 female105 pounds. Smal framed5'3" very active. What should I be at?

  7. Have any of your clients ever experienced lack of progress even with diet and cleansing being on point? I'm curious if there have been incidences where maybe someone was in an environment with toxic people or maybe drinking crappy tap water that was holding them back from fully healing. If so, that'd be some great content imho.

    On a side note: your upper body is really filling out, brotha man. Looking fantastic.
    Much love.

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