CANNABIS CONNOISSEUR: Tamara Lilien knows AHLOT about pot

Tamara Lilien is one of eight people hired from 25000 Canadians to become a connoisseur and curator for AHLOT – A Higher Level Of Thought.


  1. I can now get it for under $100 an ounce. That stuff at the store is weak and overpriced sorry. I bet by the end of this year, after outdoor season, it will be even less.

  2. And her parents were so happy when, at the top in her class in high school she decided to go to University. Then, the unthinkable happened. After a few months at Western(Party Central) she quit and decided to be a Weed Cahhonasewer. Some people just know what their future is going to be. Some just see it going to pot.

  3. Pot manufacturers in Canada sure do use a lot of unnecessary packaging … what a waste and how is it good for the environment … all it does it increase the price of cannabis even more … plastic baggies work just as well … 
    Climate Barbie really needs to look into this.

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