Addiction Testimony using CBD

20 minute interview with woman using CBD for pain. In addition to relief from pain she discovered her chronic cravings disappeared. She remarks on the positive …


  1. Hi Phillip, I recently got on Suboxone to get off of opiates. I've only been on it for 4-5 days but still am having withdrawal symptoms, insomnia, sweating, anxiety, severe depression, etc. started taking CBD oil yesterday. If there's anything you can suggest to me I'd greatly appreciate it. I DON'T want to stay on Suboxone even another day. But am fairly terrified . P.S. I am in Port Townsend, WA . Please help ! Thanks .

  2. She has been using a tinctured CBD from US manufacturer. The amount is not important because each person should titrate their use of CBD to match their symptoms, right away. Furthermore, the need for CBD commonly declines over time rather than increasing.

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