You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth

This might be one of the most important videos I’ve edited in 2018. After everything that has been going on with the privacy crisis and Facebook CEO Mark …


  1. Haha. Stupid overly dramatic video. Who gives a fuck if you get a rush checking your messages or notifications. We can all communicate like never before. Take your "Jealous of zuck" asses outa here.

  2. What if you just use social media in a way that it could benefit you, like things that interest you and communication with people, instead of caring about followers and seeing what others do.

  3. It doesn't matter whether the content of this video is true or false, but with the editing, quotes and music it's just another piece of rotten propaganda. Fuck you all.

  4. Man. Would love to be on these research teams. I've always been astounded at how far the reach goes. While recovering from a loss I one day got a friend request. I was new to fb not knowing its capabilities and ok'd the request. The man on the other side was an Iraqi Arab soldier. I was freaked out. I thought army personal were not allowed to go public so to speak. He took me through war areas with his cell phone video call . Called for months on end. It scared me really. I worry about the young and vulnerable and that quite simply all the worst predators on earth can easily make their way into places that are supposed to be off limits and private. And as one man said, extremely young children have access and can be accessed. Its alarming how fb/Instagram destroys parameters and boundaries invading what once was so coveted- our privacy.

  5. honestly, sometimes i think social media is for the lonely. those people that post their whole lives are the loneliest and even people on instagram depend on likes for happiness. i mean, most of us do it. the picture that has the least amount of likes we think we’re ugly in so we delete them. it’s sad honestly. i don’t know about anyone else, but i don’t want to be like that. i feel like it’s such an unhealthy addiction and nobody REALLY addresses it and talks about it. i mean, most people won’t read this but to the ones that have, i inspire you to slowly make changes and put your phone down for once. get outside. hang out and do some dope things with your friends as if we’re living in the 90s. 🙂

  6. Funny thing is, when I made the choice to delete social media 6 years ago I thought of the same stuff represented in this video. I always thought I was weird for having these feelings but now seeing this video it was like I saw the future . I have focused so much on myself these past 6 years without it I realized what a so called "meaninglessness" app actually does to you. It makes you compare you're life to others, it disconnects your from people when its main purpose was to connect you. I feel REALLY bad for young kids growing up being hard wired to technology and social media. I'm glad I made it out alive. If I cam give one word of advice it would be , delete all your social media accounts. It may feel weird and lonely at first but once you so it forces your to discover yourself and make yourself happy without the need of anyone else's likes or approval.

  7. Once I seen by spirit & character change as I was steady on FB like it was a job & my life I'd logged off bc I didn't like the results I was seeing in myself.. Also when I watch my news feed & seen Ppl manipulating not only ppl but themselves by posting just what they want you to know & not their real life which they so called it their best life & knew the person personally it sadden me that humanity has come to this through ppl hidden agenda of evil doing!!!

  8. I quit all social media, I understand it can be extremely difficult if your quite social but it makes a huge difference. When you are out for example you are more observent on what is actually happening right around you. You pick up on all the little things that you would have missed being stuck in your virtual world. Give it a try, put the phone down and just look.

  9. Why must they continually add dramatic music and reverb to these videos? Completely unnecessary and takes away from the message…Its basically producing the fear that the content is warning of…

  10. how cares about likes?????!!!!
    most a them do………..
    Fuck,i am an alien!~
    NEVER EVER cared what them fuckers say,as long as i sleep at night. only ME can judge me…….but then again,i am alien.

  11. At one point there was an age limit on fb. Birthday alerts will pop on feed telling me soandso whom I babysat in high school is turning 47 today. They just lied. The sight has some kind of securities on it, my son can't put his real name because its technology a title. Some dumb shit.

  12. It's very telling that Mark Zuckerberg wasn't even willing to disclose the name of the hotel he was frequenting, but his creation steals and profits off people's private information all the time.

  13. It's really all bull shit, I let my YouTube run on autoplay all damned day non stop… Algorithms only apply if you are actually "surfing" the web…otherwise it's simply a bunch of really weak individuals looking for attention😒

  14. I know I’m not that old , (I’m 17) but I think most people my age agree we grew up watching technology evolve from a house phone to a flip phone, to smart phone. So I got off social media for a while and I really felt peaceful,I try new things and idk about some of y’all but i fell like social media district us from doing thing we normally won’t try, I peacefully put on music smoke my weed and live life great

  15. Social Media is the platform that fooled me into a few scams I lost money on. IJS. Also, I deleted my t.v. back in……………2011? Something like that? Don't miss it one bit. All I use now is youtube.

  16. That’s a lie—not everybody.. better check those statistics again—I don’t give a fuck! Most people stupid as fuck.

    I don’t have no Notifications ON..I’ll upload some shit and go ✌🏾I have no ringers on, nothing—if I happen to see a text or missed call I’ll check it if I have time.

    However, I will agree social media is a waste of time and distracting! I’m able to cut the shit out and not miss it whatsoever—I’m mean and that helps. When I was in law school I DELETED ALL SOCIAL MEDIA!!!

    I left my phone in the car while studying NOT IN another room. I know how to control my mind and focus..!!! You have to focus on YOU

    YouTube becoming the same way. YouTube has become saturated with news and shit. Leave that shit on tv—YouTube supposed to be for regular people not CNN, FOX, etc.

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