World's Largest Auto Marijuana Yield from one plant 3 POUNDS Plus growing tips

Yeah, 2.95 pounds folks, from one plant. It overfilled a full size Glad garbage bag. I can only imagine what she would have yielded if …


  1. Is that the most we're you have ever had hahaha you should have let it hang upside down the buds would it look a lot prettier and watching you squeezing arm and making them fall apart it's yours do what you want with that but we take cannabis way too serious for us to be marveling over a little 3 lb plant hahaha

  2. All I seen was fluffy ass no density flowers… literally there is no density to his buds. Whether he makes hash or not, going to be a ehhhh return from it… where the fuck is he getting 3 lbs at??? That reads fucking 132.4 grams

  3. Hope you didn't try too hard for something this quality…. Holy fucking shit, it is so terrible, you could not pay me to take 1 puff of that garbage. It's a straight fuck you to the face making somebody watch this. Dude. Give the fuck up. Fuck you bitch!

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