WHY I DON’T SMOKE, DRINK OR TAKE D**G’S! So i feel a natural desire to share more about myself personally to all of my Youtube viewers and today in this …


  1. Thanku for being so real. I too had my spiritual awakening experience in 2016 at afrikaburn. Was a very dark dark experience very scary very dark but since then so much has changed in my life. Came out of a ten year relationship, lost allot of friends. My job .changed my eating habits. We came vegetarian.. no junk in my body. Was never a drinker or a smoker but at the burn was in a darknolace in my life and just took stuff which I would never have but no regrets it was all part of my journey to my awakening. Namaste

  2. Hippy birthday Dan. Tried it all Dan. Quit alcohol totally 5 years ago. It’s just a poison. If I have the right opportunity to try some natural highs, I might be open to it. ❤️🙏🏼

  3. Thanks for sharing. Any idea what might help tinnitus? I used to go out to clubs, drinking and listening to loud bands, now I have to constantly listen to this very high pitch sound in my head 24/7. Had this for several years, its constant torment . I know theres no cure, but just wondering with your knowledge if you might know of something that might help it?

  4. I had experimented in the past with DMT. I had a profund experience with it, but knew afterwards that there was a way to go this deep without any substance outside my body. So that lead me into Holotropic Breathwork/Circular Breathing. And I was correct on my intuition because doing the Breathwork I went deeper and had profund spiritual experiences. So I honestly will never go back to any substance other than my own internal chemicals within my own body. We as human beings have such amazing depth and abilities waiting to be unlocked and investigated.

  5. I don’t smoke. Hate smoking haven’t smoked for over 10 years and it was only a few now and then years back. Drinking I will have a drink in moderation, I enjoy a drink on special occasions. Dr**s no way. Wouldn’t touch them I’d be too scared of a bad trip too scared of flash backs would just freak me out to be honest. But yeah, that’s my personal opinion xx

  6. I’m interested to know what Sophie’s experience was with these type of things. Was she the same as you? Before she passed was she Anti d** gs smoke and drink? Xx miss her

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