What’s It Like Being A Political Satirist In Election Season | Anupama Chopra | Film Companion

In the run up to the General elections, Anupama Chopra gets Kunal Kamra, Varun Grover, Sanjay Rajoura and Rajeev Nigam to discuss and debate over what …


  1. How each one has coped with fear makes you think. And as Varun said they are all Male and ———, still have to go through this. Loved the comment "Laziness will save us".

  2. The panel must be diverse in terms of Gender and Opinions. The right leaning comics should have been placed in around the table. Relevant political comedians list must include Nitin Gupta aka Rivaldo. He has been doing political commentary for long, and his opinion do have weight. His inclination to the right must not discount for his comedy or his opinion.

  3. Hey guys apart from those fucking death threats there are some guys like us who genuinely admire your work and always pray for your safety. Kudos to your courage. Keep your job on right track with honesty and all the good forces of nature will be with you ❤️

  4. i am fan of all but shuru mein jo bola female koi nai hai , bilkul fuddu baat hai.
    you guys are aware of your hatred, same apply for female there could a chance female may get lit bit extra for being a female, for that they are not coming out is totally brainwashed statement in my opinion.

  5. 35:5537:55. This may a be statement in hopelessness but it is true
    Yet it only implied to two categories.
    A. Those who believe we know everything (yes we know a lot but not everything).
    B. Clones and zombies i.e soulless, unappreciative ,greedy and unaware . The one who created the perfect universe considered even minure details of everything has also given reasons to each moment of stay in this world …
    We eaither ignore it or exploits it in arrogance…
    Search for truth and the truth shall prevail..
    All the dots will be connected..

  6. Bunch of beta male cucks…idiots like them talk about Hindu privilege like white privilege in USA. INDIA please don’t follow this path, this will emasculate every Hindu man and will make us feel guilty of an Hindu privilege that none of us have experienced . Fuck these guys

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