We need to talk while smoking | Emilieolesenlifw

Please comment down below, should the student tell the teacher or not? Is 4 pm and okay time for me to live stream or not? Thank you for watching! Instagram: …


  1. Honey, you are very beautiful, and remember that the internet is full of weirdos and scum, but just ignore all of them! These people are not in your real life once you turn off that computer. You be YOU, you're a beautiful person inside and out.

  2. 4 mins onwards. Mental Health Professionals, have a lot of experience with things that may freak you out. They often read your body language, more interested in that, than what you saying to them.

    At least your blogging this. Others write. It's those that can't / won't / don't, that keep everything inside, I think they worry the most about.

    Other than those with no self awareness (Unaware of their actions or state of dress), or overtly sexual or violent and aggressive actions.

    The Psychotic incident, that you speak of, is not an unknown trope. Many time it is a subconscious thought, that bleeds through into your consciousness. Then you become obsessed with it.

    The reason he is concerned, about your unwillingness to drive with him, is, it is another control issue. As is your Eating Disorder.

    Sorry, now at the limits of my mental health knowledge.

    Seems like you have good care though.

  3. Don't let people make you go out of your comfort zone , do what you would normally do , smoke , drink energy drinks , play with your hair , don't let people make you self conscious , it is your videos , not anyone elses , and we appreciate your time and your updates 😊 Cheers

  4. Ignore nasty comments and keep going like this. Most of us are here to listen to your talking and I personally treat you as one of my best friends. Never change your approach for heaven's sake please.

  5. emily youre literally the only thing im watching on youtube dont stop ps: fun things i believed: jews want to kill us, radio moderators are there to trip-sit me, people want to crash my car and so on lol

  6. You put smoking in your video title.What do you expect to happen?
    You're going to get weirdos in your comments.
    So you smoke.Big deal.A lot of people smoke.
    Do your videos and stop concerning yourself with idiotic comments.

  7. You are such a beautiful woman and hate to see what you are going through.You seem so nice and seem like a sweetheart.if I was there with you I would give you a big hug and tell you how beautiful you are and I will say I am there for you.

  8. I’ll miss your livestream again if you go at 4pm today 😢. Already have stuff planned. But I understand if that’s best for you. 🤓. The student should not tell the teacher – it would be a little too creepy for the student to open up on that. Glad your order got resolved. Definitely let us know when you livestream so we can talk to you 🤓.

  9. Hi great video sorry to hear about you thinking about demons and the nurse should have been more supportive rather than keeping going on about driving with him in a car that's way out of order you have to do as much as you you feel you can handle my friend. Is that a cuddly monkey behind you? Xx

  10. yes people should keep those comments to themselves i would say for a month maybe by then you can quit do nonsmoking videos also you can block those who makes those comments to you as well and report them have a great day

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