1. I'm glad you shared this video. I was diagnosed bipolar in 2003. I was a guinea pig for years with meds till the Drs found the right ones for me. I'm currently on 5 different meds. They work good but 2 of them caused weight gain, ugh. I use CBD oil for my anxiety and it seems to work. Loved seeing Bean and I think you called your pit Louie.

  2. I would really like to hear the substance abuse story. I was on antidepressants (well I tried them) and it was horrible for me, the side effects made me worse.

  3. I have been taking 1:1 which his cbd and thc four 4yrs soo many good benefits too it !! I was sick 2014 w. Brain tumor got it removed did radiation and chemo for 7weeks dr wanted me to do a year of chemo but my body wasn’t dealing with chemo so well so I made a BIG DECISION w. Lots of research w. The oil .. kills cancer cell, I too suffer from anxiety and panic attack I also smoke now if I smoke a lot and do the oil I get panics lol but if u don’t smoke u should be just fine !!! Also I know it helps with pain, … Epilepsy, depression!! Best wishes love !! Hope it does what you want it to do think happy thoughts!!!

  4. Missed you, I got so excited when I saw your post!! 💜 would love to see a video about your story with substance abuse. Glad to see you’re healthy and happy now!

  5. Stigma. Yes definitely. I would also like to see a video on the substance abuse issues. I'm a recovering heroin addict (clean since 11.5.15) and I can relate to a lot of what you're saying about the anxiety without drugs.

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