Trafficked in Massachusetts: Inside 'the life' of a sex trafficking victim

“It wasn’t something that I wanted to be doing. I just didn’t see another option,” said human trafficking survivor Chelsea Buckley, who survived brutal treatment …


  1. Reality is difficult for some viewers. They learn on it then ignore it letting it continue. Others still buy and sell humans under slavery, and also kill off every animal endangered. One can not force immoral people ro actually care about being moral and not blame afluenza.

    The thing is also forced child marriage to adults is legal many places including in the US, and many powerful think rape is wanted. So it doesn't surprise me human trafficking will continue sadly.

  2. "Combat Zone" style street prostitution has reappeared ever since the closing of the Long Island Bridge. During all hours of the day, it is not unusual to see random women pretending to be waiting for a bus or ride (but in reality, looking for a "john/trick") in the area of and at the intersections of Mass. Ave., Peirson St., and Allerton St.

    My neighbors and I see it everyday and have complained about it on numerous occasions.

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