Toro Super Recycler Review | Premium Consumer Lawn Mower

Toro Super Recycler Review – I should also mention the Super Recycler is available only from Toro dealers and you won’t find it at Home Depot. This is good …


  1. hey lawn care family i need some help. i have st. augustine grass that is really high and needs to be de thatch. i was instructed to, during rain season, to cut the grass really low 2 times or as needed, picking up the excess and rack over to get any remaining thatch. he said with the rain and fertilization and mowing routine it will come back looking better. has anyone ever heard of this method. he said its cheaper than re sodding as long as you don't mind a brown lawn for a bit. P.S. i live in Florida.

  2. I have a rider.  its a john deere.  i'd like to mulch with it as I sold the bagger system when I first got it.  didn't think I would have needed it.  Is there a way to convert it to one?

  3. LCN: Do you have an “excessive moss” video?? I’m new to your channel… up in northern New Jersey under a canopy of oak trees.

    I am beginning the spring grass season using your guidance. My lawn is pretty much a “before” picture. THANKS!!

  4. What would you consider the largest size of lawn that a lawn nut disciple could follow the formula and still do it alone? Would it be 2 acres, 5 acres, or more? A problem I see us that equipment costs skyrocket in minor jumps in acreage.

  5. I'm curious how you feel about the bigger rear wheels on the recycler vs. the standard rears on the super. I've always thought bigger rear wheels would make the mower more maneuverable. Went with the standard over the super mostly for that reason.

  6. Allyn! Have you tried the edge it pro? Started my lawn care business last summer and I can honestly say I think its our biggest asset for our string trimmers. Maybe give it a shot? Edges are super sharp with it, maybe a review would be sweet for your channel! Keep up the good work, love the lawn!

  7. Hey Al I love you videos. My daughter and I do all our lawn care and I have learned so much from you and tried to teach her .  Keep up the
    good work. My only suggestion is please clean up and organize your garage. They have great companies that come and put up a wall covering that allows you to hang all your tools and have great selections of metal cabinets and desks to work off.. I think it would really help your business.

  8. My super recycler has a deck wash connection for the hose. My dealer told me to never use it because water can get sucked into the engine. What's your thoughts

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