Time To Talk About The Silencing Of Max Igan with Max Igan!

This YouTube channel is the OFFICIAL Channel for The Kev Baker Show #KevBakerShow #MaxIgan Max Igan joins me to discuss recent restrictions placed …


  1. Shouldn't even be questioning whether it was real or not? WTF? Am I hearing Max correctly. Why would Max EVER tell us not to question anything? Especially when there is so much evidence that it was faked, in some way. Max can't even take a side on the flat earth debate, and that's a complete spyop? But now we can't dare question his version of Christchurch??? So let me get this straight…video compression explains how the gunman can unload, at close range, into a pile of people, with ZERO blood, OR tearing of the clothing from the bullets??? Oh, and not to mention that a lot of the people were already piled up supposedly dead before the gunman even came around the corner? Hmmm? Yeah, OK. Max is 100% right about what he has pointed out in his video, with possible handlers, and multiple "shooters". This still does not mean that all, or some of the footage was faked…because it was. It was not one or the other. It was probably a combination of both, but by Max insisting it happend his way, he is actually promoting the divide that he claims to be against. In the end, this was a 100% state sponsored event with ulterior motives…and not for our benefit. They had the speeches prepared and bills written before this "shooting" even took place. There are no more coincidences anymore when it comes to these things. Quite frankly, it's laughable, and I feel sorry for people who just cannot see through the bullshit.

  2. It IS all done by the numbers from the date to the times to the names of places to the names the of individuals…. this is a scripted, by the numbers ritual. Scripted yes – deadly? also yes. THE bastards.

  3. it was fake if you watch it you can see its fake and Max Igan pushing this so much as pretending to be banned from youtube is pitiful. fake guns, fake bullets, all fake no one died

  4. I saw that video and there are things in that vid that don`t ad up,this man is right he got help and the Kiwi Goverment is involved,and all to take your arms away…………

  5. Sounds like the Red Scare of the 50's known as "McCarthyism" after its most famous supporter Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Sedition seems like it's coming back too and why not since Big Brother has already made an appearance. Devolution in action, "Lord Of The Flies", "Mad Max" and "Hunger Games" all in one.

  6. Jew Tube…….I am NOT a Racist. I am a Hebrew Reading Bible Scholar who knows God Damn well those fucks in …….IS RA EL are fake Jews…… and they own ALL MEDIA, GOOGLE, YOUTUBE…FREE PORN…BOOK PUBLISHING AND ALL NEWS AND TV AND FILMS and money printing and the control of money SO FUCK THEM….In other words they own everything that goes into your brain…….If your are a Chumash Indian you sure as fucking is fun can NOT tell folks you are an Apache………They are FAKE MOTHERFUCKING JEWS AND THEY OWN YOU ! LOVE you Max !!!!

  7. Is there really a concern for censorship or the views and membership numbers? I really think the latter seems to irritate these Youtube hosts. What a shame but suffice it to say time will put them aside, like the rest..The truth movement is about just that and not views and membership numbers. Enough is enough already. Besides the truth or facts are not yours to put a stamp on and gloat over, even if you happen to fall over them along the line. How can any of you claim discovery when they(truth,facts) have always been present? Please stop your posturing and complaining and do this for the sake of it or simply..go away.

  8. Play both ends against the middle…..Definition
    ​To try to get opposing people or groups to fight or disagree so that you will get an advantage from the situation.
    This is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

  9. Is Max-shill Igan justifying the use of crisis actors to sell the story to the public because the real witnesses would be too traumatized to do interviews?

    So here's his argument supporting the authenticity of the event in a nutshell:
    1. Police training drill ongoing during the "shooting": Just a coincidence
    2. Disappearing bullet casings: low- bandwidth/video compression
    3. Magically appearing socks: low- bandwidth/video compression
    4. Pre-planted magazine: low-bandwidth/video compression
    5. No damage to floors or walls: low-bandwidth/video compression
    6. Totally unrealistic flesh wounds, especially from point blank rounds: low-bandwidth/video compression
    7. Three shotgun blasts through windshield, no damage: low-bandwidth/video compression
    8. Lack of fight or flight response from victims during life or death scenario: Normal behavior
    9. Lack of police presence until 2 hrs 20 minutes after "shooting" started: Normal police response time
    10. Obvious crisis actors as "witnesses": It's ok, because real victims are too traumatized.

    Who in their right mind could explain away these dealbreakers and still claim this to be a real event? Only a shill of epic proportions: Max-Shill Igan, lol

  10. we live in hell this aint earth aint this is be u digg the govenment is the devil play by the same rule book we would book a majority its obvious and the try to play cheese hoes with the money supply what money supply im pulling all of my money out of the bank u should too

  11. I can buy that the transmission was lo-rez enough that real action may be mistaken for fake, but still can't buy the action of the interior shots on the motionless heaps – not enough blood, movement, or noise. The other background sound in the vid is also very videogame-like; Igan's protests that "we don't know" whether more people should be screaming is its own speculation and hand-waving. I am impressed by the windshield holes though. I don't think proponents of of the CGI interpretation are dupes or shills, though they might have to make some corrections.

  12. Too far way out there. Beyond alien abductions and Jim Jones drink the kool aid. How.can this not have been picked up by all the global intelligence agencies. All the surveillance and recording it would actually be impossible to organise.plan and carry out something like this.

  13. Wow how could they possibly by chance have A terrorist drill on the same day same time as 9/11 and also a terrorist drill on same day same time as 7/7 and now this terrorist drill same day and same time as Christchurch. What are the odds.

  14. In my opinion it was a "faked" video: probably filmed during a drill. There was also a real shooting: possibly when the drill went live. I have listened to combat Vets / Black Ops experts. The filmed video is not what it is purported to be. Scott Bennett, Cody Snodgres, etc. Podesta was lauding the NZ Prime Minister as a star – just days before the 'incident'. Go figure.

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