Think, Walk, Talk & Act Like An Alpha

Why your life will radically change for the better when you think, walk, talk and act like an alpha. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss an email success …


  1. He says to build report but at the same time he says the phone is only for phone calls? Does he mean just build the report first off after that, keep the phone for setting dates only??

  2. Hey coach, you mention “bong hits 4 Jesus” a reference to the Supreme Court case that limited students’ rights to free speech. Being a conservative I was wondering if you agreed with the Court’s decision?

  3. I recommend a friend mine to your work whose having a bad relationship post his marriage. He really doesn't give a fuck about you coach and is failing everyday. I really feel bad for him and his wife cuz he's a good friend.
    But as you would say if he's a good friend he would have listened to you and checked out your work.
    Eventually stopped bothering.

  4. I get it dont ever give up on your dreams, but its not that people around me are telling me i cant do it. Its that meeting my bare necessity needs and needs of my family as a man has to be my first priority that alone is extremely hard to do for me at 24 years old. so when i think of my dreams it almost makes me sick inside because i want to live their i dont enjoy what i am doing now. my job isnt bad (though i'd like to have my own business again) its that my life is rough cant even go to guitar center or the gyme because i dont have enough gas money. and taking care of my daughter i cant even afford a lawyer to fight for shared custody. and loosing my house in forclosure everything good seems like its in the far out future which gives me little reason to want to wake up tomorrow. I Really wish i knew how to give myself something to look forward to, something to be confident about and not feel like i looser, cause i failed I'm wishing i could go back before 2017 I had life made and I felt so confident like no matter what happened i felt satisfied and confident in myself, now i struggling waking up before 2pm. actually if im not working i struggle being awake at all. exept at night when i cant fucking sleep

  5. The background is your signature touch, couch. Keep up the great work. You’re the big ‘brother’ to a lot of us fellas out there who’ve needed your invaluable advice and tutelage. ‘Started reading/watching your material for over yeah and half now, and I’m a changed man because of it, no bs.Thank you!

  6. Hi I have a problem guys.. I went no contact on a girl that blew me off, what I mean is she cancelled dates, took time to respond me. From being very hot she went very cold. After 10 days she texted me saying she misses me and she doesn’t like the fact we are not interacting like we used to. I texted for few minutes and asked her out on a date. She said she is ill and can’t make it. So I said it’s ok and told her to come back when she will figure out her schedule. After 2 days she again wrote me basically saying that I went cold on her and she thinks that I’m mad at her. I told her that I’m really busy and don’t have that much time and asked her why she is thinking that way. She responded that these just her very weird thoughts. I’m strong, i’m dating other girls and I can resist the urge of writing to her. But did I miss the opportunity to ask her out again after those 2 days? Should I ask her out in few days? Or should I JUST WAIT UNTIL SHE REACHES OUT AGAIN and If she does I’m just going to ask her out . Guys out there, give me a hand please :))

  7. "Bong hits for Jesus" hahahahaha Corey you kill me.
    My favourite though is when you look at the camera after reading some poor schmucks email and saying "c'mon man" ………

  8. When I was in a situation I'd watch your videos. When things got better, I stopped. However, I realize that was the wrong thing to do and now I am back and am going to rejoin the journey to prevent "bad" from coming back, if God helps.

  9. Don't whine and complain, be proactive instead. Women don't like whiny guys who complain and don't know how to communicate in a polite and assertive way. Eventually, they will get sick and tired of your negativity and leave, so man up before they do.

  10. Jeez man, you just speak the truth and I love your outlook and clear understanding of life. Your videos are like food for a mans Soul. Thank you bro.

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