The simplest trick that will guarantee an increase in your yields growing marijuana (rant about it)!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram, I am known as wizardnpk. I plan on posting amazing daily photos of the most beautiful marijuana plants found in my garden.


  1. @NPK Wizard…I'm just finishing up my first ever grow and I plan to immediately start another run and I'm interested in your nutrients. I plan on documenting my second grow in its entirety. I have a small set up for the time being. 6×4 tent with an HLG 550 v2 and a few smaller hlg lights. Great channel and content. Happy growing!
    -Stickee Bee Garden

  2. ? If I have a room that is 6β€˜6β€œ by 9β€˜6β€œ with two reflectors 315 CMH Phillips do you believe one can achieve the kind of growth I see in your videos? Do you believe adding another 315 would be wise if good ventilation can be achieved ?

  3. Took me a year indoor to get enough patience towait out my plants. Now i hate to cut them down. And trichomes bruise and shit if they been roughly handled. But like you say let them finish. See so many white pistoled plants getting g chopped on the tube. Wish it was legal in TN.

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