1. Officer Donut I gotta say that as much as I enjoy your sounds effects (around the 420-430 ish mark) I missed a few “Bork Bork nom noms” because the sirens were just a tiny bit loud and the microphone wasn’t so much. I love your Bork bork noms noms so if we could knock down the loudness of them sirens to get some loud and clear borks, that’d be great. Thanks.

  2. Donut, Just saw your bork bork nom nom bingo video. You should do one with tasers and bystanders comments Like, "He wasn't even doing anything", "I have this on video", "your going to jail", "Are you kidding me?, OMG, etc.

  3. That first cop was so brave and owned a very threatening situation that could of ended up with him not going home to his family that night , he was also determined not to shoot these two idiots even though he risked being taken down and beaten by two brothers and they got to go home to there family's to, all in all I think perfect police work and not sure if many men would have kept it together so well we defo need more people like him in this world. 🙂

  4. Police dog grabs my elbow and I'm hitting the ground limp. I know the damage they can do, but to fight back that long is pretty impressive. I hope they refuse to the to surgery I'm sure he needs to repair it.

  5. wow donut operator its amazing how gleefully you accept the police takeover…anyone that thinks police are wonderful kind people are not even living in reality, they are brutal, senseless, and depraved individuals…they deserve nothing. nothing u say will change my mind, I have seen and experienced enough police brutality to not listen to police lies.

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