SCALLOP DIVING – Catch & Cook on the South Coast of England for a 3 course dinner!

I take my good mate Ted down the south coast of England to catch ourselves some scallops. He has never done any spearfishing or free diving before and …


  1. By the way tell no one your marks. Keeps them safe. You want to hunt then finding is the biggest bit. Same old story tell me where you get them. 2 months and it'd be barren ha ha

  2. Your video just cheered me up in a big way. Stuck on crutches and disabled but in water I can move ok. Thanks mate. I'll sign off as Pom. Seen as everyone takes the piss out of us

  3. Ahh I thought I was going to see some really nice pan seared scallops. Those fresh scallops would have been heaven if u got a beautiful sear on them but great video food definitely looked good. On my end the baked ones looked best.

  4. I think you got a bit of an English accent in a few of your words and what type of pc/laptop do you use to edit your vids and the price and thanks for the vid i really enjoyed it keep up the good work and you are a really good chef

  5. Love ya vids Bro. Ps I'm a mate of Gomme. With your scallop pasta dish next time try frying the garlic with some good quality chorizo and then adding a splash of ros'e wine before chucking in the scallops. Those flavours will pimp up that pasta dish and the wives will be sending you off on another freediving forage asap. It's a win win situation. Ps say gidday to Andy when you see him. Tell him I said I hope my happy easter card is in the mail. Looking forward to your next video mate. Always top quality. Keep up the great work. Cheers. Dan.

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