1. This is awesome, so glad I came upon this video. Been looking for some high quality CBD and I am happy to support and promote Rush Hemp Farm!!! Keep up the great work!

  2. Does that also go for the hemp flower that's what I normally get and make my own products that way I can educate myself and many more people about it the benefits I get is it helps my lower back pain and neck pain by me and making my butter or the extract with ethanol works very well and also I make my own pills so I do draw Social Security and my name is Danny Reynolds please get ahold of me at 812-675-9252

  3. Hemp can be used to make Rope, Canvas, Cloth even paper. Most of the rest of the World grows Hemp for these purposes, Europe has stores dedicated to Hemp Products, mainly clothing, and canvas shoes.

  4. Ok I just purchased your cbd oil in Jefferson City will keep you informed on my progress I have quite a few issues and am on disability. So I will keep in touch and let you know.

  5. Henry Ford made a car out of hemp that was fueled by hemp…the Rockefellers shut him down on the idea because of there oil investments…invest in hemp packaging of goods…it's biodegradable

  6. Ryan is one of the best people I know. Rush Hemp Farms is an excellent company, great people and great products. We sell some of their stuff in our store in Murfreesboro.

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