Outrunning FREEZING Weather to Texas – 1,100 Miles in 28 HOURS

Outrunning Freezing Weather to Texas – 1100 Miles in 28 Hours // I’m trying to get to North Texas to see family and change my domicile but just as I was about to …


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  2. Somebody Knows Something podcast, I once drove 24 hrs straight from Gulfport,MS to Albuquerque eating sunflower seeds almost the whole way to help me stay awake. It was when I was much younger & way more stupid.

  3. "Podcasts We Listen To" podcast is hosted by Jeremy, who interviews hosts of other podcasts. It's a great way to find other podcasts to listen to. Twisted Philly, Gen Why, The Peripheral,, Not Your Little Lady, Small Town Dicks, The Story Behind are just a few that I listen to. When I start traveling, I'll be listening all the time. Safe Travels. I signed up for your mini course. Thanks

  4. Amber, I also wanted to add that we also stayed at that Walmart in Las Cruces, and found it to be EXTRAORDINARILY great (of course the AllStays app, which we use to evaluate the likelihood of our staying at one, reflects that).

    If you’re ever in Del Rio, their Walmart has special LONG RV-marked spots in which to overnight. Heading for Raymond today to a Harvest Host lavender farm … and a little electric! YAY!

  5. I hate those long drives alone BUT such a first world problem. We’re so lucky! It’s a privilege to have our class B’s! Did I see that correctly…only 14000 miles on it?

  6. Lily was really excited this video, she usually seems so chill (or at least compared to our crazy pup!) I love podcasts, enjoy many of those already mentioned. Two I haven’t seen listed are Limetown and How I Built This. The YTers Keep Your Daydream have a podcast, it seems to be on a bit of a hiatus but there is quite a bit in the library.

  7. A couple of my favorite podcasts are Chris Hays, "Why Is This Happening"…WITH and The Ezra Klein Show. They are both liberal politics, if you are into that. I live near Houston, and it has been a roller coaster of a winter!!

  8. YOU NEED TO KNOW: There's a recall on the food you just purchased…check out their website…my vet just recalled this week…I'm continuing till out of cans, Layla only gets 1/3 can a day and shows non of the symptoms described on the website. Good luck with temps! 🐶🌴🌼 Almost forgot, favorite podcast : NPR, The Moth Hour, people are storytellers, it's fun.

  9. It is hard for me to mention just one ☝️! Something You Should Know, Maria Forleo, Ted Talks and S-Town. I listen to a lot of Podcasts while I’m working on our house 🏠. June 1st it’s going on the market! Safe travels, and hopefully too can slow down your pace!!

  10. when I'm really tired, if I get my hair wet, I stay awake better. For podcasts: NPR's Wait Wait Don't tell me and this american life. I also do a lot of audiobooks, either through audible or the public library. Beautiful country you went through. Love that city park!

  11. Awesome thank you so much for buckling up your little pup it is great to see although you should probably tighten that up just a We did it so that she doesn’t get injured from the airbag thank you again for buckling up your pop✌️I am in EMS on a 911 rig how we have had to search high and low for dogs after a rollover in a vehicle so I always appreciate someone buckling up their pop

  12. OMG I was racing the same cold front last month driving east on I-10 !! 72 degrees in PHX AZ on Sunday afternoon and 24 degrees in DFW on Monday night. Love your vlog and so weird I ran across it watching videos on the Verizon Prepaid Jetpack Plan. Now I'm hooked !! Keep up the good work. My podcasts are kind of Guy Fest ones so…

    Podcasts I listen to are : The Forward with Lance Armstrong. Yes Lance ! He has a wide variety of guests and is a very good

    Rich Rolls. Found him when Lance was on his show.

    Brian Koppelman. He is a screenwriter. Did Oceans 13 and Billions

    Michael Connelly. Fiction writer and was a crime beat for LA Times. His podcast is relatively new and
    is called Murderbook. It's a True Crime subject usually cold case in SoCal area.

  13. Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you are feeling much better now. I'm a history nerd, so one of my favorites is Ben Franklin's World. I also highly recommend S Town – it's a 6 part series and the true story and people featured were fascinating. I think it's part of the Serial podcast.

  14. Thanks for letting me ride along with you. I listen to My Favorite Murder, look them up on facebook. Two women discuss various murders over the yrs. They are hysterical, murder isnt but they are.

  15. BBC Desert Island Discs. The show has been running since 1942 but new episodes are still created weekly. The setup is the guest is marooned on a desert island and has to choose eight pieces of music they would take with them. This premise forms the framework for an interview about their life and times. Some of the guests are well-known celebrities, others are artists, writers, scientists. My favorite show when I'm in the kitchen!

  16. Love this one, Amber! Podcasts we love: Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend (it's always nice to start the day with some comedy and laugh a little), The Minimalists – these guys are always uplifting and I love their message of living intentionally with less, The Sunny Show Podcast – Sunny Lenarduzzi – just started listening to her after checking out her YT channel, she has amazing content on building your brand and a successful YouTube channel, love her content!

  17. Lovely video, thank you, stay warm. Preet Baharara's podcast is Stay Tuned, excellent topics delivered with wit and very entertaining! He has a new book out, Doing Justice which I just picked up at my local library. BTW I enjoy audio books for I can get life done and still squeeze my reading in. My local libraries (municipal and county) both provide Hoopla and Cloud Library access w your library card. A wealth of resources. Sign up with a library near you and ENJOY. Last weekend I listened to Pete Buttiegeg book, Shortest Way Home, enjoyable, he is a great writer and free on Hoopla! For health topics I enjoy Dr Greger, Nutrition Facts.org and Peoples Pharmacy (on NPR). Safe travels. Let me know what you think about the podcasts.

  18. Amber! I’m envious of your “range” setting on your dash! I’ve lost mine on my Hymer and don’t know how to get it back! May have to break the book out; I’ve tried to find it on my own, pressing that mode thingy and up and down buttons! Plus I’ve watched a few YouTubes on the thing, and they got nothing.

    Funny, you’re chasing warm weather in Texas just like we were when we left Tyler, TX. We really hugged that southern edge from Del Rio to El Paso, headed West. We’re in Oregon now.

  19. Three times a year my co-pilot Tala and I drive the 1165 mile trip from the Tri-Cities WA to Denver in 2 days. (and back again) Once I leave the Park City area I take 2 Lane highways to I-70. I drink gallons of coffee and fantasize about having a conversion van to stay awake!

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