Most Dangerous Animal RV Living Full Time / Van Life Nomad

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  1. Sometimes I feel like a sitting duck out there but I'm sure glad I got my 18" machete a can of bearspray and a blinding 600 lumen flashlight. However, I hope I don't have to use any of them.

  2. When doing a profile of an area campground we always prefer full cell service. Then you need to put the RANGER OFFICE on speed dial. Many give instruction to dial 911 which is fine if you can wait 15 to 20 minutes; but that is too long. Since we are in campgrounds we also like the camp host to interface with. —- glad you have each other Caroline & Rob as it’s the only way to STAND THE WATCH. Other single folks (especially female) may need a dog. Keep up the adventure

  3. Hi Rob and Carolyn! Rob that makes a lot of sense that being closer to town would be safer than way off in the national forest without cell phone service should you need to call 911. Great video! 👍❤💕

  4. Hi Rob. I have had some few things happen as a ranger in the NW. I have seen bears. Close up. Cougars too. They are scary animals that follow people. I was in AK in the ,70s. It can be scar

  5. Re the snake. Probably a common kingsnake. It resembles the coral snake, but is not poisonous. The coral snake is deadly. But it is shy and its mouth is so small that it is very hard for the snake to bite a human. It's not easy to get bitten unless you are harassing it in a very stupid way,. Maybe any adult who manages to get bitten by a coral snake should be removed from the gene pool.There have no reported deaths from coral snake bites since the 1960's. Just remember:

    Red to black, friend to Jack.
    Red to yellow, kill a fellow.

  6. In South Western Australia we only have limited cell coverage (20km radius) around large country towns. Hence 99% of the countryside there is no cell coverage. I usually go by my "gut" instincts on where to stay. If something doesn't feel right, it usually isn't. I prefer not to stay alone but in the end sometimes you have to. If alone I won't pitch and sleep in my tent and prefer to sleep in the back of my 4WD. I ensure my vehicle is parked to enable me to leave immediately with all valuables and electronics stowed, vehicle and driver's seat clear of obstacles, keys in the ignition for me to jump in and go.

    With the proliferation of drug use there are increasing numbers of criminals and mentally ill people about whom are opportunistic and prey on the weak or naive kind-hearted folks. It must be more challenging in the US as you have liberal gun laws compared to Australia that have very strict gun control regulations.

     I always tell somebody where roughly I'm going and if I don't call them by my expected return date that something has happened and to notify authorities. It's pretty isolated here and even more so as you travel in a radius away from the capital city (Perth) <1 person per sq kilometre, no Walmart, no people, no gas stations nothing for 100's of kilometres. Using commonsense and letting people know your travel plans and when to raise the alarm if you have not contacted them by a certain date is always a good idea. I only travel part-time but if I was on the road full-time I'd invest in a Sat Phone or EPERB for emergency situations.

  7. Your channel is awesome you don't play around when it comes to safety and you are very very helpful in letting the starry-eyed people who want to come to this lifestyle with a nieve picture planted in their mind of how this lifestyle is, you have to be on your guard.

  8. You hit the Nail Dead Center we are the most dangerous animal in the Forrest , whole planet, great video Rob your trying to help people on the right path

  9. 1st : )… Now I will enjoy the video 👍❤️

    Edit… I agree with this video. SOME campers and Nomads abdicate

    "it's not Freedom unless you're out in the middle of nowhere with no one else around"

    I personally prefer to have others around, but in their own space minding their own business.

    And cell service is a necessity unless you're Grizzly Adams

    If I were a bad guy.. I would choose my victims in remote locations with no cell service OR Use charm & helfulness to disarm….just sayin

    P.s… I wonder if his wife was scared every time someone pulled into that Campground while her husband was at work?

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