1. At the start he states in 1945 April, the Russians were sending a 2:1 ratio of soldiers to weapons. This is largely disputed; the only true account was earlier in the war this would happen during the shortages and German advances into Russia in Operation Barbarossa

  2. If the US had the top Nazi scientist that had surrendered integrate into US military programs, why wouldn't they have let Hitler surrender and let him live but just say he committed suicide because other wise they knew the American people would be outraged if they knew he lived due to the atrocities he committed.

  3. The show is pretty good. DNA showed the body in the bunker was not his. It sounds like he actually made it to South America, because they found some of his personal items plus some rare photos.. South America had many german communities.Thousands of Nazis fled to South America after WW2.

  4. Only found out a couple of years ago the irish president of my country signed his book of condolences some balls "De valera" Jesus we have to get over that 800 years of oppression by the British.. as they say here there's two things you don't bring up in a pub…politics or religious beliefs.. Once that's sorted drink away..

  5. This is messed up. Most Germans moved to Argentina and Chile in the 1800s and not post WW2. Its very dangerous to demonize a whole community of people for sharing the same background with a totally different one. And all this for accumulating viewers, spreading manufactured facts solely for profit and money. It is true that high ranking Nazis fled to South America, South Europe and also North Africa. But 10,000s of Germans who werent Nazis also fled the country. To say that every German in South America is a descendant of a fully fledged Nazi is bullshit. Germans have been living in Argentina and Chile hundreds of years before Hitler was even born.

  6. This is bullshit, no legit historian that isn't trying to sell a TV show thinks Hitler didn't die in the bunker in Berlin. Joe gives too much time to these conspiracy theories, it's not hard to find someone that will say almost anything.

  7. Kinda how Obama had Bin Laden body dumped at sea so no could verify the body outside the military and CIA. Then they killed the entire Seal Team that captured him to make sure no one talks.

  8. If you have a show centered around discussing high ranking Nazi's escapes to other countries, the least you can do is learn to pronounce "Josef Mengele" correctly.

  9. This guy is wrong about Colonia Dignidad in this days. The Germans left the facility years ago, wen the lider Paul Shcaffer was capture in Argentina for pedophile accusations. Today Colonia Dignidad has no german, they are all gone. I´m from Chile.

  10. This may all sound crazy and I won’t say much but Hitler went up against the most powerful people. I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to be criticized but I’ve done years of research and please hear me out when I say this but, Hitler at the time fought against very bad people and the media depicted Hitler as the bad guy. Just like how the media is depicting President Trump as the bad guy. It’s the same exact thing. Think about it.

  11. Bruh… Super ignorant. This isn't like ancient aliens. You must be the very rare few, who has never seen anything paranormal ever. Unless I am misunderstanding you, seem to not believe that there isn't stuff that is a combination of rowdy roddy piper's they live and clash of the titans and jupiter ascending. Forgive me if I misunderstood; my apologies if so. Nah bruh I don't miss home. I am home. Not born in the continental u.s. but the u.s. is my home. I wondered why we didn't nuke japan and germany. Japan got 2 nukes, couldn't we have spread the love or were they more like family and too harsh to nuke in Germany or in dignity ville?

  12. Joe is surprised that a few hundred thousand Nazi descendants live in Chile.

    Millions of Europeans (in fact most) (mainland) are descendants of Nazis. And even worse russians.

  13. There is many factual inaccuracies, misinformation, statements without evidence, and very vague accounts in joe Rogan’s historical or factual related podcast. I know this is is a conspiracy theory but aside from that, sine of the things they’re saying are just vague and slightly wrong. This guy is a bullshitter.

  14. Thousands of high ranked nazi and scientists got away to US without any prosecution for their crimes against human kind while US hid them and denied everything.
    Now we see all the major US pharmaceutical empires that were originally formed by the nazi germany. Not to mention them massively being recruted by NASA

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